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THE BALCONIES Announce Farewell Shows in Toronto and Ottawa in February

- Dec 15, 2017 at 01:01PM
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After ten years of rocking out, Toronto's The Balconies have decided to call it quits with the announcement of two farewell shows. The shows will be taking place February 1st in Toronto at the Horseshoe Tavern and February 3rd in Ottawa at the 27 Club. February 3rd is the the same date as their debut show ten years prior. Tickets are now on sale!

"The past ten years with the Balconies has been an incredible journey," frontwoman Jacquie Neville reflects. "We feel so fortunate that this group has taken us all over the world and that we’ve had the opportunity to share our music with so many amazing people. Although this may the end of ‘The Balconies’ as you know us, we feel this group has morphed into something so much bigger – it has evolved into a community that has brought together so many different kinds of creative people and we will continue all future endeavours under the Balconies Collective. Liam and I continue to collaborate together and will be focusing our efforts on production, songwriting, and other projects."

In addition, the band have shared a previously unreleased album called Show You. The album was produced by Jon Drew in 2012.

Neville commented, "The album would have been our second album but we were unable to release it at the time. This album is very special to us for many reasons but mostly because it was the last album that featured the original lineup and us all as co-lead singers. We thought it was important to share this album because it clearly shows such a different direction that band would/could have gone in, had we trusted our guts. We were very young and impressionable at the time, and want to impress on younger artists to not be so easily swayed by the industry and others. Despite having made many business and directional ‘mistakes’ along the way, we also learned a lot and are grateful for every experience."
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