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THE STICK PEOPLE Release Debut Single "Think About That"; Music Video Coming Soon

- Oct 12, 2010 at 07:59AM
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Although their guitarist was a long-time member of Queensryche, don't assume that the music of the Stick People is based in challenging prog metal. While they do indeed have elements of metal in their sound, it's more of a "party-hearty" metal vibe, with energetic punk rock added to the mix as well. For the proof, all you have to do is surf on over to iTunes, and give a listen to the group's digital single, "Think About That".

"The band wasn't calculated, it just happened," explains Duffy. "Bernie, Frankie, and I were in the studio working on promotional material, and we clicked. Stone called in, roped in Billy, and suddenly, we were 'The Stick People'." Adds the band's producer, Dito, "The Stick People is a 'bands band.' Great players, great chops, great songs and they love each other, how often do you find that?"

The group also just recently wrapped up shooting a video for the tune, and having recently signed on with Ashley Talent International, LLC, the Stick People are gearing up for live dates before the end of the year, including a pair of confirmed dates - Winchester, VA on October 22nd at the Winchester Sportsplex (with Vince Neil) and Saint Charles, IL at the Arcada Theatre(Chicago, IL) on November 5th (with Quiet Riot).

And as Godwin explains, the band can't wait to hit the road. "The Stick People is a band of diverse musicians and walks of life. Together, we make a statement that is universally seen and heard by all people in our music. We use everyday life for inspiration. We can't wait to give you the show of your life."

For more information, please visit: www.myspace.com/thestickpeople.
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