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Toronto's THE REED EFFECT Have 'A Strange Curiosity' with New EP November 10th

- Nov 07, 2017 at 02:03PM
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Grunge, psychedelic rock band The Reed Effect will release their new EP A Strange Curiosity on November 10th and have also released a video for "No Way Outta Here." Picture if Nirvana and The Doors spawned a love child who was raised in the desert with Frank Zappa and then you may be able to picture The Reed Effect's sound.

Led by guitarist and singer Kirk Reed along with his brother, bassist Chris and drummer Bryan Fontez, the band hails from Toronto and have spent the last several years building their riff heavy sound. The lyrics may warp your mind a little bit, but the assault of progressively addictive rock hooks, pulled from grunge, metal and blues would be pleasing to any fan of rock n' roll.

Drummer Bryan Fontez commented, "We expect any and all fans of rock music to find something on this EP that they’d enjoy. We’ve carefully crafted six very dynamic songs that range from catchy radio bangers to progressive grunge metal to psychedelic tribal grooves. It’s an interesting EP with a collection of feelings, emotions and experiences attained through living and observing life. Six very unique tracks that sound drastically different and we’re super proud of it."

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