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UK Hardcore Electronica Artist Angusraze Unveils an “Unlawful” New Single

- Feb 13, 2020 at 06:00PM
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UK-based hardcore electronica artist Angusraze is celebrating lucky number thirteen with a new single titled “Unlawful.” Released via Painted Halo Records , the new track, was written, recorded and mixed by Angusraze (aka Ryan Wilkinson).

As for the song’s content, according to Wilkinson, it’s “...based on the story of Enoch as stated in the Book Of The Watchers - a Hebrew text - in which the protagonist instigates the Great Flood as a punishment for going to Earth from Heaven and revealing to humans the ways of God. Similarly, the main character in the project is inebriated by negative energy and infatuated with the idea of destruction as his own punishment.”

Then track is a heavy, hammering affair with beefy synth bass layered with Wilkinson’s aggressive vocals. The tune is, according to a recent press release, “...the first statement from a multimedia project consisting of several instalments and including the hotly anticipated second album Foxmask, out 8th May, and an as-of-yet untitled film.”

Upcoming Live Date:

February 27th – The Lighthouse, Deal

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