ALL Show Review

Despite rumours of van accidents and technical difficulties, Italian post-hardcore outfit Hopes Die Last still managed to tear up a hardcore frenzy on a cold December night in London.
on Dec 17, 2014
Mastodon may not be the chattiest of bands but, as their fans found out in London recently, they more than lived up to their reputation as one of the most influential bands on the scene by delivering ninety minutes of the finest metal around.
on Dec 16, 2014
Aussie hardcore favourites The Amity Affliction rolled into London on their latest UK tour headlining a night that left hardcore fans talking about for days afterwards.
on Dec 16, 2014
After Hellion played the Whisky on October 2nd, any preconceived belief that the band's golden era was set back sometime in the '80s has been dispelled. Hellion's performance that night, on its Los Angeles home turf, was spellbinding.
on Oct 22, 2014
Cleveland metalcore heavyweights Affiance, have embarked on a CD release tour with Phinehas for their third full-length album Blackout, bringing their hard work and harder sounds to eager fans across the U.S. I was lucky enough to catch the band at California Brew Haus in Rochester, New York a few days ago where, despite a few unlucky setbacks, they still blew the roof off the place.
on Sep 28, 2014
The heavens opened on Sunday and with torrential rain and high winds predicted to last the rest of the day, it looked like Bloodstock was in danger of ended up a bit of a wash out. Still, that didn't stop Italian thrash metallers Arthemis from having an absolute blast on the main stage. The rain lashed down on the band as they shredded through their thirty minute set but, judging by the smile plastered across the face of frontman Fabio, it looked like the Italians loved every minute of it.
on Sep 03, 2014
Headlined by the extremely controversial Norwegian black metal heavyweights Emperor, here's what went down on day two of Bloodstock Open Air 2014.
on Sep 02, 2014
Marking the last night of their U.S. Summer tour, Yes treated their fans by opening with the Close to the Edge album in its entirety, albeit out of sequence. This was followed by a couple of songs from the just-released Heaven & Earth album, which received a warm welcome, an unusual occurrence for new material among old favorites. The opening notes of "Roundabout" signaled the beginning of the Fragile album in its entirety as well, and the evening at the Greek Theater was topped off with two of their greatest hits, "Your Move/I've Seen All Good People" and "Owner of a Lonely Heart".
on Sep 02, 2014
On August 4th, 2014, I had a chance to see The Kooks play Toronto's Danforth Music Hall. I haven't listened to this band since they released their album Junk of the Heart in 2011, but figured it would be a good night to get out with some old friends, have a few beers, and watch live music. Little did I know I would end up watching one of the best shows I have ever attended.
on Aug 26, 2014
Down are an interesting choice of headliner for the first day. Yes, there is no doubting that Phil Anselmo is a heavy metal legend but, to follow the theatrics of Dimmu Borgir with a set of weed-soaked stoner anthems was always going to be a tough call. Still, Anselmo and his Down brethren pull out a stunning set for an audience who soak up every weed-stained riff of the likes of "Witch Tripper" and "Lifer" while "Hail The Leaf" sums up everything that is great about Down and proves why they were the perfect way to end a great first day at Bloodstock.
on Aug 25, 2014
On the L.A. stop of the "Worldwide Plagues Tour", Tampa's power metal vets Iced Earth and Sweden's Sabaton, performed for a fully-packed House of Blues in Hollywood.
on Jul 22, 2014
On the festival's South stage, by far the smallest of the three, Torrance, California's Joyce Manor and their A.D.D brand of catchy punk rock capped a day that almost exclusively featured folk music.
on Jul 07, 2014
Stage 48 in New York City is not your average rock venue. This swanky spot is a posh nightclub, complete with color changing walls and couches along the sides that looked too nice for my metal ass to sit in. On June 12th 2014, beneath the lavish, LED lighted ceiling, the Tri State Area metal scene erupted and invaded Stage 48 led by the pure brutality of bands: Rivers of Nihil, Fit For An Autopsy, Revocation, Carnifex, Whitechapel and the mighty DevilDriver.
on Jun 30, 2014
At the Pomona stop of the 2014 Civil Unrest Tour, three bands were keeping disco evil and rocking The Glass House. Two of the bands, Dope and Wayne Static, were an obvious pair-up with their nu-metal credentials and party sensibilities. Smile Empty Soul, with a more subdued and melodic approach to music, was not such an obvious choice.
on Jun 12, 2014
Boston recently had the pleasure of welcoming Glasgow-hailing post-rock giants, Mogwai. Having never witnessed a band of their caliber or unique sound live, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had been to many instrumental performances before – jazz, classical, progressive – but I knew this was going to be different.
on May 27, 2014
On Tuesday April 8th, Toronto's Kool Haus was swept with a wave of nostalgia with The Used and Taking Back Sunday's co-headlining tour taking the stage. The show was sold out; leaving room for only diehard fans that aged and grew with songs from both iconic bands since the early 2000s. The openers were former Underoath singer Spencer Chamberlain's new band Sleepwave and Australian five piece pop-punk band Tonight Alive. Both openers killed it.
on Apr 21, 2014
No radio ads, no skywriters, no billboards. It all started with an e mail from a publicist that read: "This invitation is not to be posted or shared... and the location must not be revealed in any form of media or social media." On Tuesday, April 8, Aerosmith affirmed its upcoming "Let Rock Rule Tour" with Slash featuring Miles Kennedy and the Conspirators in a very rock and roll way. The venerated band from Boston played a show on Hollywood's Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip.
on Apr 10, 2014
Could party rockers Ugly Kid Joe and New Jersey scumbags Skid Row still pack a punch after all these years? Well, a sold-out crowd in Reading were left in no doubt as both bands smashed through hit-laden sets.
on Nov 04, 2013
When Frightened Rabbit took to the stage for their mammoth 20 song set, there was no doubt as to how elite of an act the Scottish unit had become.
on Oct 18, 2013
British metalcore kids Bury Tomorrow finish their touring cycle with a sold-out show in London before heading off for much bigger, brighter lights.
on Oct 05, 2013


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