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Being from a little town in Idaho, going to a big festival-type concert is a big deal. The aptly named Mayhem Festival made a stop in Nampa (near Boise) this week, and with a line-up that includes Chimaira, Hatebreed, Lamb of God, Korn and several other of my favorite bands, making the four-hour drive was not even a debate.
on Oct 07, 2010
After about 5 hours of sleep I was back to Parc Jean-Drapeau for the second day of Heavy MTL. I quickly got myself to the front of the Mayhem Stage where Hail The Villain soon came on and rocked the crowd, opening with "Try Hating The World". HTV were magnificent performing songs off their album Population: Declining. Bryan Crouch satisfied the crowd with his scary movements and talked about how they are the most badass group - Hail The Villain definitely won fans' hearts.
on Aug 30, 2010
I got to Parc Jean-Drapeau around the same time 36 Crazyfists hit the stage. I could hear them rocking both past songs and new songs off their upcoming release Collisions And Castaways. The live set was sounding great as I stood waiting to get in. After came Skeletonwitch killing fans with their death/thrash mixture. By the time I got in they were on their second last song and fans were definitely mesmerized by their talent.
on Aug 18, 2010
At 19:00 an expectant crowd queues outside the HMV Picture House and as the doors open, they filter into the venue, picking up drinks at the bar and settling in for three hours of Aussie brilliance.
on May 31, 2010
Lineup: Kathleen Turner Overdrive, Shortline Hero, Estate of Grace, The Go Time, In Lights, Of Soldiers And Saints. I got to the Groove Lounge at 5:30, almost an hour after the doors opened and there was no band on stage. All I saw was some equipment set up but no presence of life at the time. Because of this I looked at merch that was being sold.
on May 10, 2010
There was a rather workmanlike quality to the recent performance in Seattle by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, but I don't mean that as a complaint. This wasn't a band going through the motions of a set, but rather a well-oiled machine that has been cranking out album after brilliant album and hundreds of stirring live sets since the band as we know it was set in motion in 2001.
on Mar 24, 2010
There are few bands I will drive four hours to see live. In the past I have made the sacrifice for Metallica and 36 Crayfists. But having heard that Alice in Chains, one of my favorite rock bands of all time, and arguably one of the best rock bands of the 90s, was performing in Boise, there was never even a question of whether or not I would be there.
on Feb 25, 2010
The snow had just began falling and my Chucks had a few new rips in the sides; they should really be in the trash but that’s not going to happen, I really don’t find it that cold outside so it’s fine. I’ve met up with my friend Emily and we walk into the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Downtown Toronto for the last date of Attack In Black's cross-Canada tour. I’m happy about the reception I get from the…
on Feb 18, 2010
As one of the few women singers who can capture the proper evil growl needed for a death metal band, Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow may sound imposing, but the diminutive blonde's figure isn't cut to match. Get her on stage with a mic and her vicious band behind her though, and Gossow sings and snarls like she could cut through steel with just a glance.
on Feb 10, 2010
It made perfect sense for French prog-metal wizards Hypno5e to open their set playing off and along to the piercing tones of Bernard Herrmann's familiar shower murder scene music from the film Psycho. Just as they spent their hour-plus performance accompanied by a stream of video images projected behind them, the quartet plays…
on Feb 04, 2010
The California Love Tour Lineup: Winds Of Plague, Stick To Your Guns, Sleeping Giant, Oceano, Circle Of Contempt, On Burning Shores, Heritage. I got to the Reverb at 6:20, almost an hour after the doors opened and there was no band on stage. All I saw was some equipment set up and some Winds Of Plague art amps. Because of this I went upstairs to look at the merch that was being sold by all the great acts of the night.
on Dec 04, 2009
So it’s the day before Halloween and the night after a show at Tattoo Rock Parlour on Queen St. West in Toronto, ON. It was one of these “secret shows” that seem to be happening a lot more often and really aren’t a secret at all. The band playing this secret show was none other than newly re-formed Creed. I haven’t really heard anything from these guys in a long time...
on Oct 30, 2009
With: Baptized in Blood, Trophy Scars, Dancing With Paris and Texas, Armed To the Teeth. If I could think of one phrase to sum up the entire night of September 15, 2009 it would probably be “the best show I’ve probably ever been to.” This seemed to be the consensus among all the show-goers and especially with my friends who were there with me.
on Sep 24, 2009
The beginning of August saw the UK experience the grand finale to the first ever Sonisphere Festival - a series of one day rock events in Holland, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Finland, which featured some of the best bands on the planet. The final Sonisphere installment took place over two days (plus 1 extra day for weekend campers) on the grounds of stately home Knebworth House.
on Aug 09, 2009
Unfortunately, the first two bands of the night shall remain nameless because it seems that I cannot find their names anywhere, and cannot recall the sign prominently displaying their names in colourful chalk outside of Lee’s Palace that night. Regardless, the night went well, Lee’s Palace was packed, I dislike the venue for two main reasons though...
on Jun 16, 2009
With: Have Heart, Trapped Under Ice, Fortune Teller & Bad Choice. “Damn Queen Street traffic!” I said to myself as I glanced at the time on my phone. I was heading westbound on the 501 and I knew I was going to be late, though I hoped the first band had been delayed at least a little. Finally, I heard the announcements proclaim that the next stop would be...
on May 02, 2009
Tonight is only the second time Cannibal Corpse has come to Boise in their 20+ years of writing and touring. The first since 1996; but when they finally showed again, they brought a talented arsenal of diverse metal along with them.
on Apr 15, 2009
Last night presented a real opportunity for me to fall in love again... I once called myself a big Thursday fan. I picked up a copy of the band’s debut LP Waiting, and was given Full Collapse by my (amazing) girlfriend at the time shortly thereafter. My love affair was intense, albeit brief. War All The Time was good, but...
on Dec 11, 2008


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