ALL Show Review

With: Baptized in Blood, Trophy Scars, Dancing With Paris and Texas, Armed To the Teeth. If I could think of one phrase to sum up the entire night of September 15, 2009 it would probably be “the best show I’ve probably ever been to.” This seemed to be the consensus among all the show-goers and especially with my friends who were there with me.
on Sep 24, 2009
The beginning of August saw the UK experience the grand finale to the first ever Sonisphere Festival - a series of one day rock events in Holland, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Finland, which featured some of the best bands on the planet. The final Sonisphere installment took place over two days (plus 1 extra day for weekend campers) on the grounds of stately home Knebworth House.
on Aug 09, 2009
Unfortunately, the first two bands of the night shall remain nameless because it seems that I cannot find their names anywhere, and cannot recall the sign prominently displaying their names in colourful chalk outside of Lee’s Palace that night. Regardless, the night went well, Lee’s Palace was packed, I dislike the venue for two main reasons though...
on Jun 16, 2009
With: Have Heart, Trapped Under Ice, Fortune Teller & Bad Choice. “Damn Queen Street traffic!” I said to myself as I glanced at the time on my phone. I was heading westbound on the 501 and I knew I was going to be late, though I hoped the first band had been delayed at least a little. Finally, I heard the announcements proclaim that the next stop would be...
on May 02, 2009
Tonight is only the second time Cannibal Corpse has come to Boise in their 20+ years of writing and touring. The first since 1996; but when they finally showed again, they brought a talented arsenal of diverse metal along with them.
on Apr 15, 2009
Last night presented a real opportunity for me to fall in love again... I once called myself a big Thursday fan. I picked up a copy of the band’s debut LP Waiting, and was given Full Collapse by my (amazing) girlfriend at the time shortly thereafter. My love affair was intense, albeit brief. War All The Time was good, but...
on Dec 11, 2008


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