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Children Of Bodom (w/ Carach Angren) @ The Phoenix (Toronto, ON) on November 28, 2017 [Photos & Show Review]

- Dec 05, 2017 at 02:55PM
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Finland's extreme metal legends Children Of Bodom, along with Dutch black metalheads Carach Angren, were in town last Thursday at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto.

Carach Angren, a 3-piece black metal band, hit the stage and immediately the fans were mesmerized by the wild antics of frontman Seregor. They must have spent hours getting makeup done before the show but the results were spectacular! And the surfing begins...

Headliners Children Of Bodom were next up to appease the, by this time, full-on metal possessed and chanting crowd. Screaming guitars to go along with driving bass and pounding double bass drums, succeeded in turning the metal hungry crowd into a moshing, crowd surfing frenzy. Total chaos.....I LOVE IT!!!!!! Another awesome night of Metal In The City!

Children Of Bodom's Setlist:

01. Deadnight Warrior
02. In The Shadows
03. Needled 24/7
04. Hatebreeder
05. Lake Bodom
06. Warheart
07. Hate Me
08. Red Light In My Eyes Part 2
09. Downfall
10. Everytime I Die
11. Children Of Bodom
12. Hate crew Deathroll
13. Bed Of Razors
14. Kissing The Shadows
15. The Nail
16. Towards Dead End
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