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Liverpool Horror Con 2017 @ Exhibition Centre (Liverpool, UK) on October 7/8, 2017 [Photos]

- Oct 29, 2017 at 07:51AM
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There were plenty of confused faces entering the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool as attendees of a nearby camera show were greeted by all manner of wierd and downright horrible sights from the Liverpool Mega Horror Con which was situated in the next hall.

From Leatherface to Jason, Freddy Krueger to Pennywise, horror fans made up like their favourite gruesome hero, made their descent on the Exhibition Centre for a look around the Mega Horror Con. Featuring a Cosplay competition, guest celebrities from the horror world, movie previews, plenty of Walking Dead merch and a whole raft of wierd and wonderful stalls selling everything from masks to DVD's to exclusive prints and much more, the Liverpool Mega Horror Con was a hugely worthwhile two day exploration of horror hell for fans of this much loved genre.
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