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The LaFontaines @ Rock City Basement (Nottingham, UK) on November 23, 2017 [Photos & Show Review]

- Dec 09, 2017 at 03:09PM
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The LaFontaines have created their own niche in a trifecta of genres, between rock, indie-pop and hip-hop. Perhaps as a result of this unusual blend, the crowd they drew to Rock City Basement wasn’t overwhelming. Tickets were being sold on the door, and as there was no band in the main hall, the venue felt eerily quiet.

I was both curious to hear how LaFontaines’ music would translate to a live setting, and to see how they walked the line between so many styles. The group are good at what they do, quickly whipping up their loyal fans that lined the barrier with a combination of snappy guitars lines like those of "Junior Dragon" and "Common Problem" and user-friendly rapping. These songs reminded me of Arctic Monkeys and Two Door Cinema Club respectively, and I could throw a handful more likenesses into the mix from the setlist as a whole, which was most heavily weighted towards their 2017 album release, Common Problem.

There was more than one occasion, however, when I felt sure a song had reached its conclusion, but it would then continue anew for another minute or so, making the set feel very stop-start. That being said, LaFontaines are carving a path for themselves and garnering fans with a mix of musical tastes. They are creating music that, in theory, is very exciting, however in practice I found was good for several reasons, but not great.

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