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Cancer Bats performed an absolutely insane set at Bluesfest to a crowd who was just as wild. 100% brutal, intense and hardcore and a personal favourite show all festival! Got some of the set on my Nikon D7000, 50mm f/1.8.
on Aug 04, 2011
Despite having to apologize to a section of the crowd who was only there to wait for Fogerty to come on, in addition to missing one member of their band, Protest The Hero played a sick set on the afternoon of July 12th.
on Aug 03, 2011
Yukon Blonde performed at Bluesfest in the early evening of July 10th, and they absolutely blew me away! With a sound like theirs, they are definitely a band to keep an eye out for. I got this pictures on my Nikon D7000, 50mm f/1.8.
on Aug 03, 2011
Ottawa band Paramedics shared their incredible sounds with the Bluesfest crowd on the afternoon of July 10th. They unfortunately announced that it would be their final show for quite some time, but they have an insanely unique sound and I highly recommend you check them out online, or purchase their EP if you can. We captured this "last" show on a Nikon D7000, 50mm f/1.8.
on Aug 01, 2011
Billy Talent drew a hell of a crowd at Bluesfest this year. Without a doubt one of my favourite sets of the festival, this band really knows how to put on a show!
on Jul 30, 2011
Bootsy closed the first night of Bluesfest with a mix of rock and funk. Definitely one of the more fun and entertaining sets at the festival this year! We snagged some pics with a Nikon D7000, 50mm f/1.8.
on Jul 29, 2011
As usual, Metric's set did not disappoint. Emily never fails in performing with such energy, and the set was a blast to watch. Hope you like the images we captured using a Nikon D7000, 50mm f/1.8.
on Jul 29, 2011
Three Days Grace played an absolutely insane set at Bluesfest, even throwing in some sick special effects! The band really put on a crazy show and the crowd loved every moment. The madness was captured using a Nikon D7000, 50mm f/1.8.
on Jul 27, 2011
Playing on a beautiful summer afternoon created the perfect vibe for Bedouin Soundclash's set. Their music was enjoyed by a huge crowd, and they played a lot of their more well-known hits which the audience did not hesitate to sing along to. The day was shot on a Nikon D7000, 50mm f/1.8.
on Jul 27, 2011
Library Voices, an eight piece pop collective from Saskatchewan, ON, performed a great set at Bluesfest this year. Blending a variety of instruments including guitars, saxophones and synths amongst others made for an extremely interesting and brilliant performance. Check them out of you can! Images taken on a Nikon D7000, 50mm.
on Jul 26, 2011
Laurent Bourque is a well-known artist in the Ottawa community and is definitely someone to keep an eye out for. He offered the crowd an amazing performance, playing a vast set of songs off his most recent album What We Talk About. Shots snagged via a Nikon D7000, 50mm f/1.8.
on Jul 25, 2011
Hey Rosetta! performed through the rain on July 8th at Bluesfest 2011. The weather may have been awful, but their set was anything but and we caught the action using a Nikon D7000, 50mm f/1.8.
on Jul 21, 2011
Coventry’s finest Stoner Doom outfit, ‘Genera’, support the mighty Napalm Death, with their usual brand of Drop C tuned intensity. Fantastic show, new album due out soon. Produced by Billy Anderson and recorded by Greg Chandler. Got the shots using a Nikon D200, Speedlight SB-600 & Sigma 24-70mmD 1:2.8 EX DG.
on Jul 21, 2011
This was the first set I got to photograph at Bluesfest 2011. Coheed and Cambria put on a sick show, playing a lot of their more well known songs which really got the audience going!
on Jul 20, 2011
American Punk Rock band Rise Against were one of my personal favourites at this festival. Amazing and energetic performance by the whole band, they truly gave an insane show!
on Jul 18, 2011
As usual, The Flaming Lips did not disappoint with the extreme creativity of their sets. Giant plastic balls, red smoke and confetti were all to see at this show.
on Jul 18, 2011
The Sheepdogs played an outstanding set at Bluesfest on July 7th. With a performance like the one they gave that night, be sure to keep an eye out for them! Check out the images shot with a Nikon D7000, 50mm, f/1.8.
on Jul 16, 2011
Whale Tooth performed early in the evening on the second night of Bluesfest 2011. That said, it was an extremely energetic set especially with regard to the lead, and all in all, tons of fun! We got the goods thanks to a Nikon D7000, 50mm, f/1.8.
on Jul 15, 2011
Ex-lead vocalist of hardcore band From First To Last came out full force with his latest musical project. Incredibly insane show, to the point where the barricades could no longer hold the pressure of the crowd! We shot it with a Nikon D7000, 50mm f/1.4.
on Jul 14, 2011
Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros played an excited set on the first night of Bluesfest. Not being afraid to get the crowd involved (or even get in the crowd) made for a really exciting show! Their antics were captured using a Nikon D7000, 50mm f/1.8.
on Jul 14, 2011


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