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Auric Gates of Veles, the latest album by Poland’s Hate for Metal Blade, delivers quality mid-tempo blackened death metal, with a focus on atmosphere and rhythm, carefully structured around Slavonic and Zoroastrian mysticism themes.
on Jun 18, 2019
Incredibly, on Steel Casket, Primitive Man have created something that is even more caustic than their debut and something that taps into a primal fear that is as ancient as primordial ooze.
on Jun 17, 2019
It was precisely the right record at precisely the right time. Released June 20th, 1989, the smash album from Faith No More, The Real Thing, still bites down hard enough to draw blood, or at least hard enough to leave a nasty gash.
on Jun 16, 2019
The Suns of Perdition I: War, Horrid War completely redefines Panzerfaust as game-changers in contemporary black metal with an album that combines complimentary vocal duets and non-traditional guitar work with meaningful and provocative themes.
on Jun 14, 2019
Out now via Third Man Records, recent The Raconteurs single “Help Me Stranger” opens like you are listening to an old blues 45 stuck in a groove formed from years of spinning and, right when you feel the impulse to move the needle, the song really kicks in.
on Jun 13, 2019
If you’re searching for a metal album this year that marches to its own d-beat and kicks ass on every level, look no further than Old Star (Peaceville Records) - it’s Darkthrone, baby, and that’s all you really need to know.
on Jun 10, 2019
An amazing 15 years after its initial U.S. release (June 15, 2004, via Island), Hot Fuss, the debut slab from Vegas-bred rock darlings, The Killers, remains fresh and fun — easily the sweetest seduction in the band’s celebrated catalog.
on Jun 09, 2019
Out June 14th via Abraxan Hymns, Baroness’ Gold & Grey is a staggering effort by a band that simply refuses to give up and seeks to both progress and succeed.
on Jun 07, 2019
Europe is pretty spoiled for extreme music festivals these days, but don’t let SYLAK Open Air slip under your radar. This small, friendly and eclectic gathering is one of the best ways to get your metal festival fix this summer.
on Jun 07, 2019
Out now via Season of Mist, GastiR - Ghosts Invited shows a mellower, gentler Gaahl compared to previous work. But don’t let this never seen side fool you, this album is simultaneously brutal and beautiful.
on Jun 07, 2019
Heavy is the currency of the future, and MTXS are gonna be rich. Check out Ache, the most intense thing to come out of England since the Poll Tax.
on Jun 04, 2019
Celebrating its 25th anniversary this week (June 7, 1994), Stone Temple Pilot’s sophomore set, Purple, remains an important, fresh and vibrant record — possibly the strongest in the band’s impressive catalog.
on Jun 02, 2019
Featuring Twenty One Pilots, Tame Impala Logic and a whole comedy stage, this year’s edition of Boston Calling Music Festival delivered a mostly enjoyable experience, though with plenty of room for improvement in 2020.
on Jun 01, 2019
Due June 7th via Listenable Records, Bury The Pain is a solid, enjoyable thrash album that should ensure Xentrix a warm welcome back to festival stages this summer.
on Jun 01, 2019
Drone is a genre that requires patience, so set yourself down on the porch, get the speakers going, and let the sunset wash over you with Earth’s Full Upon Her Burning Lips (Sargent House) as its soundtrack. Pure magic!
on May 31, 2019
L.A.’s Pete Wilde dropped his debut album, Sugar & Smoke, on April 5th via 88 Jump and now joins us for an incredible guest blog wherein he reminds us where rock ‘n’ roll came from and who really built it.
on May 31, 2019
Combichrist deal with staples in the industrial thematic library, confronting inner demons, politics, nihilism and dystopia, in their signature electro/aggrotech/metal fusing of industrial rock on their latest record, One Fire, out via Out Of Line Music.
on May 31, 2019
Ryan Meyers, the mind behind the emo/punk band Figure Eight, gives us a track-by-track look deep into the new record Any Given Flower, along with an exclusive album stream.
on May 30, 2019
Seemannsgarn (AFM Records), Tanzwut’s eleventh album in twenty years, follows a similar formula to the Neue Deutsche Härte-meets-metal-meets-medieval-meets-gothic recipe that has served them well in the past, but the narrative-based grey area between neo-folk and industrial is where Tanzwut really come into their own.
on May 30, 2019
South African rockers Deity’s Muse raise a new level of proggy goodness with their latest EP, Lungs Full; it’s bloody marvelous!
on May 29, 2019


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