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Cold Black Suns (Season of Mist) is an unforgettable piece of occult black metal art, fusing savagery with frozen beauty – but it is also a selection of nine very separate songs that can each stand on their own as near-perfect examples of the craft Belgium’s Enthroned have been honing for a quarter of a century.
on May 21, 2019
Fleshgod Apocalypse rewrite the definition of extreme metal on Veleno (Nuclear Blast Records), by taking all the historical aspects of their signature orchestral death metal sound and pushing these to, well, the extreme limit.
on May 20, 2019
Dismissed frequently for being a disco record, “Dynasty” was EXACTLY the album that KISS needed at that time it was released — May 23, 1979. 40 years later, it stands tall as an impressive ROCK record.
on May 19, 2019
Entombed’s Clandestine - Live is the celebration of a monumental album from a magical musical period by a monster band.
on May 18, 2019
Camp Pain, the debut record from 96 Bitter Beings, out via Distant Recordings, is a great record for old fans of CKY or anyone into complex riffage and thought-provoking lyrics layered over a deliciously crisp mix of instrumentation.
on May 18, 2019
Out now via Sumerian Records, Shades of Blue, the latest solo recording from Danny Worsnop, sees the Asking Alexandria frontman enter the worlds of blues and adult contemporary with surprising success.
on May 16, 2019
Full of Hell return with their new full-length, Weeping Choir, via Relapse Records and it is genuinely terrifying. Weeping Choir is an absolute nightmare, and that’s what makes it so brilliant.
on May 14, 2019
Despite the fun ‘80s horror thematic concept and some excellent songwriting, Night of Whispering Souls (Extreme Metal Music) by Croatian one-man black metal project Tryglav, the album leaves an impression of entertainment rather than long-term engagement.
on May 13, 2019
For those who remember first hearing the debut Weezer record, when it was new, get ready — you’re about to feel a good bit older. The landmark set was released via DGC 25 years ago this past week (May 10, 1994).
on May 12, 2019
Adversus, the seventh full-length album from Italy’s Handful of Hate combines fast, technical black metal with unexpected baroque flourishes to create a record of unique character without resorting to musical gimmicks: an uncompromising vision that sits comfortably on the Code666 roster.
on May 09, 2019
Dead Tired released their first full-length in late March via New Damage Records and, now that we’ve finished peeling back the layers, it’s a rock and roll release for the hardcore crowd you should definitely run, not walk, to get your hands on.
on May 07, 2019
An unmistakably Kampfar record, Ofidians Manifest (available from Indie Recordings) blends historic black metal tropes with contemporary care to composition and arrangement to craft one of the most exciting pieces of black metal music in recent history.
on May 06, 2019
There’s never been a better time to be a punk. Bad Religion return with their seventeenth studio album, Age of Unreason, a short, sharp shock of angry anti-establishment fervour, out now via Epitaph Records.
on May 06, 2019
35 years following its initial release (out May 10, 1984 via Atlantic), Stay Hungry remains an important record for Twisted Sister and fans alike — still packing a punch and pissing off the neighbors as much as ever.
on May 05, 2019
Amon Amarth have released their much-anticipated eleventh album, Berserker, via Metal Blade and, while at the core it’s the same lovable Viking-themed metal, the production is a little too crisp and the experimentation seems haphazardly added.
on May 04, 2019
Renaissance Men, out May 3rd via Graphite Records, is a fine return to form for The Wildhearts that will not disappoint older fans, whilst drawing in the younger generation and once again rejuvenating the Brit rock revolution.
on May 03, 2019
Californian hardcore purists Fury have a solid, finely-crafted second album with Failed Entertainment, out May 3rd via Run For Cover Records.
on May 03, 2019
Shem Ha Mephorash, the fourth full-length from Sweden’s Mephorash for Shadow Records is neither short, sweet nor easily digestible: rather, it is provocative, engaging and even a little frightening in its intensity. Or put another way, as near to a perfect black metal record as you could hope to encounter.
on May 02, 2019
Due May 10th via Spinefarm Records, new album Eternal Forward Motion is a big step forward for Employed To Serve. More emotional, engaging, and varied than previous releases, this album sees the band at the forefront of the UK metal scene.
on Apr 29, 2019
While not known as widely as their more radio-friendly releases, 45 years on, Secret Treaties (Columbia) remains an important and well-respected entry in the impeccable Blue Öyster Cult catalogue.
on Apr 28, 2019


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