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Cevin Key’s Brap & Forth Vol. 8 showcases production over arrangement in a selection of outtakes and demos – but still captures the overall essence of Remission (1984) and Bites (1985), Skinny Puppy’s groundbreaking first two albums.
on Nov 20, 2018
Revelations of the Red Sword is a deeply esoteric album, blessed with a huge presence and a constantly shifting undercurrent of unapologetic misanthropy. But it’s also a more refined expression than 2012’s Flesh Cathedral and a triumph for Iceland’s Svartidauði.
on Nov 20, 2018
To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Eluveitie’s Slania is being re-released via Nuclear Blast; it’s a welcome opportunity to appreciate a band that are an important part of Switzerland’s musical identity.
on Nov 20, 2018
Due out via Transcending Obscurity, Dødsferd’s, Diseased Remnants of a Dying World is an excellent showcase of a long-running band that refuse to rest on their laurels and instead keep producing quality content.
on Nov 19, 2018
Sunless Dawn'sprogressive death metal début Timeweaver, out November 16 on Prime Collective, showcases some of the most original progressive metal released this year, yet inconsistencies hold the album back from being a classic
on Nov 18, 2018
New York pop-punkers From States Away display an impressive return to form with third EP I Swear This Light Won’t Fade.
on Nov 16, 2018
Practically nothing that hints Ævangelist’s Matricide in the Temple of Omega was written for the ears of anyone other than the twisted beings creating it. And yet, there is something addictive about it. Out via I, Voidhanger.
on Nov 16, 2018
Extinction(s), out November 23rd via Century Media, is the seventh studio album from metal heavyweights Unearth, and it proves, once again, that the group is still a force to be reckoned with.
on Nov 14, 2018
Challenging metalcore convention, Silent Planet and Solid State Records combine for the group’s heavy-yet-complex third album, When the End Began.
on Nov 13, 2018
Geneva trio Cortez combine noise with precision to create an absolute monster of a metal album. No More Conqueror is an unrelenting explosion of controlled anger, with unusual riffs, complex drumming and breathless energy all underpinned by massive production values.
on Nov 12, 2018
Though not the first to don the moniker Hysterics this Newmarket, Ontario three-piece punk band is arguably the most exciting iteration for anyone looking for a fresh take on punk and grunge alike.
on Nov 10, 2018
Mother Mother, back with their seventh studio album (out November 2nd on Mother Mother Music), have gotten in touch with their roots for a recording that makes you want to Dance and Cry, just like the title says.
on Nov 09, 2018
Pop-punk band and Toronto locals, Incase We Crash have been grinding it out and today have released their second EP, No Education; an impressive sophomore recording that’s definitely worth a listen.
on Nov 09, 2018
Out now via Burning Tone Records, South Africa’s Zombies Ate My Girlfriend have released their finest album yet, the impressive Shun The Reptile.
on Nov 06, 2018
Worlds Open, Worlds Collide may be the only full-length One Tail, One Head will release, but they are going out on a high note: a solid disc that keeps the True Norwegian Black Metal flag flying high.
on Nov 03, 2018
Chevelle continues to deliver inspired heavy rock, album after album, even here on a cull of their b-sides. Play it loud, and play it lots!
on Oct 30, 2018
News of Oli Herbert’s passing is still reverberating around the metal community, and while it is an unexpected tragedy, there is still some comfort that Victim of the New Disease, his last album with All That Remains, is their best in the last eight years.
on Oct 29, 2018
Some thirty-plus listens on, ULTHA’s The Inextricable Wandering (Century Media) has revealed itself as one of the best metal albums of the past decade, let alone in the black metal sub-genre.
on Oct 28, 2018
Sticking very close to their stylistic “comfort zone,” British pop/rock poster boys, The Struts, take NO chances with their sophomore slab. But given today’s dry and barren rock landscape, Young & Dangerous is just the right record, delivered promptly when it’s needed most.
on Oct 26, 2018
Revocation dropped their newest release, The Outer Ones, September 28th on Metal Blade Records, and it’s a phenomenal, massive slab of metal destined to exceed even the wildest of expectations.
on Oct 25, 2018


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