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Clutch’s twelfth album, Book of Bad Decisions, out now on Weathermaker Music, is a triumph that captures the essence of the band and the sound that made them famous, yet also seeks out new elements to work alongside the blues rock/funk metal landscape.
on Sep 18, 2018
Pale Waves are shining brightly on their highly anticipated debut album, My Mind Makes Noises, out now on Interscope and Dirty Hit.
on Sep 17, 2018
With their third full-length release, Promethee have pulled out all the stops. Convalescence (Lifeforce Records) is another great example of Swiss ingenuity and deserves to garner the band plenty of international attention.
on Sep 15, 2018
For a three-piece, Conan still makes a hell of a racket. Existential Void Guardian drops like a rock via Napalm Records.
on Sep 15, 2018
Monster Truck’s third outing, True Rockers is a solid recording, but it sadly lacks some of the pure heavy blues sound of albums past.
on Sep 14, 2018
Those new to Kevlar Bikini may well get onboard and find many merits to Rants, Riffage and Rousing Rhythms - it has a lot going for it. But this new direction has lost a lot of what the band had built their name on.
on Sep 13, 2018
Cerement is well-written, well-executed, and deservedly belongs in Infera Bruo’s stellar discography.
on Sep 13, 2018
An exhaustive and expansive effort, the newly-released, super-deluxe edition of The Song Remains the Same is a magnificent, must-have set for any self-respecting Led Zeppelin aficionado.
on Sep 12, 2018
Korpiklaani released their thirteenth(!) studio album, Kulkija, September 7th on Nuclear Blast, and the mature, introspective release suggests a creative and musical growth from these Finnish folk metal legends.
on Sep 11, 2018
Due via Iron Bonehead Productions, Black Funeral’s The Dust and the Darkness offers a short but stirring paean to forgotten underworld figures, phrased in music that is at once primitive in its emotive delivery but highly sophisticated in its composition and arrangement.
on Sep 08, 2018
Northern Ireland rock legends Therapy? are back and sounding stronger than ever - their 15th studio album Cleave via newly-founded Marshall Records leaves a sense of focus, determination, and hunger.
on Sep 07, 2018
Behemoth intend for I Loved You at Your Darkest to be a grand album yet it is a record riddled with contradictions that mean it should not work; and yet somehow, it (mostly) does.
on Sep 06, 2018
UK group Boston Manor are just about to drop their newest record, Welcome To The Neighbourhood, out September 7th via Pure Noise Records, which adds some heavier elements to their pop-punk sound while continuing to satisfy fans of their earlier work.
on Sep 06, 2018
Blood of Serpents presents their second full-length, Sulphur Sovereign (Non Serviam Records), and it’s a monster: uncompromising and heavier than a thermos of Mercury, typically Swedish death/thrash influenced black metal.
on Sep 03, 2018
The whole of Steelfactory is a thrill ride almost from start to finish, clean cut and well-oiled – just like a steel factory should be. UDO’s new record drops via AFM Records.
on Aug 30, 2018
Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response is hugely enjoyable and addictive “heavy negative wizard metal” from Rebel Wizard, out now on Prosthetic Records.
on Aug 29, 2018
Out now via Southern Lord, Jesus Piece’s Only Self is sure to be one of the year’s biggest hardcore albums; it more than lives up to expectations, and throws in a few (largely successful) curve-balls.
on Aug 28, 2018
Omnium Gatherum’s The Burning Cold, out August 31 on Century Media Records, is melodic death metal at its leanest, hardest-hitting and most emotionally evocative, and deserves to make them one of melodeath’s household names.
on Aug 27, 2018
Chicago’s The Skull is releasing their sophomore album, The Endless Road Turns Dark, via Tee Pee Records on September 7th and it’s a doom metal treat sure to please fans of all ages.
on Aug 25, 2018
Super-group, Dream Child offers up an impressive, epic-length effort — a “holy shit” record that recreates the magical long-lost allure of such iconic hard rock stalwarts as Deep Purple, Rainbow and Uriah Heep.
on Aug 24, 2018


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