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Although cemented in the tech death camp, Aenimus’s Dreamcatcher, out now via Nuclear Blast Records, shows that incorporating groove and rhythm into their music creates new a new direction worth exploring.
on Mar 21, 2019
You can hear multi-instrumentalist Elisa’s progression with every Sadness release, however it seems more prominent in Rain. Alongside Elisa’s exhibition of a multitude of styles, the listener equally goes on a cathartic roller coaster of an emotional journey, exploring loneliness, sadness (obviously), and self-exploration.
on Mar 20, 2019
Troll’s second album, Legend Master, out April 12th via Shadow Kingdom Records, is a meandering, yet still gripping narrative that is as much Tolkien as Asimov in its content, full of tense, dynamic compositions that balance riff and melody to great effect.
on Mar 18, 2019
Hate Force deliver a slow, heavy miasma of uncompromising aural punishment on their eponymous debut (Closed Casket Activities
on Mar 18, 2019
Celebrating a milestone anniversary, the eponymous 12-song collection from Mötley Crüe (1994, Elektra Records) demanded to be taken seriously. 25 years later, it stands tall and is well-deserving of that long-overdue respect.
on Mar 17, 2019
Montreal hip-hop trio Planet Giza have a sure-fire indicator of future success with their consistent, methodical album, Added Sugar.
on Mar 16, 2019
The rising outfit, Contrarian have surged on with their third studio album, Their Worm Never Dies. In the Willowtip Records release, we see progressive elegance amidst tough as nails #deathmetal riffs.
on Mar 15, 2019
As intensely personal as it is universally accessible, Fedrespor’s sophomore effort, Fra en Vugge i Fjellet, out now via Nordvis Produktion, is an exercise in overcoming grief and searching for hope.
on Mar 15, 2019
As a standalone record out now via Eisenwald Records, Stone and Sea displays FEN’s evolution and refinement over the years, and is a strong showcase for modern #blackmetal.
on Mar 14, 2019
Outside of the production lacking in quality, Chris Prophet’s playing is tight and clean, and his tone and feel on Athaza are on the money.
on Mar 13, 2019
Out March 15th via Prosthetic Records, Vile Creature’s music and Preservation Rituals (2015-2018) is not for everyone. But, if you believe in the power of art to unite, to provide catharsis and understanding, in the power of metaphor and bold statement; and are willing to give these songs the time and patience they require, then this might be right for you.
on Mar 13, 2019
Waldgeflüster’s latest offering, Mondscheinsonaten (Nordvis Produktion), is a gentle lullaby delivered via the near-perfect meshing of gentle folk-like acoustic melodies with blastbeat-ridden waves of black metal hellfire.
on Mar 12, 2019
South Africa’s Bulletscript have what it takes to get into the international ring and kick some major metal ass with their new EP, Enemy.
on Mar 11, 2019
Sinmara’s latest release via Ván Records, Hvisl Stjarnanna, is equally gloomy and nihilistic in temperament to 2014’s Aphotic Womb, although its composition and arrangement are far more sequentially structured, with lower tempos and more focus on mood.
on Mar 11, 2019
Putting the needle to the groove on Tre, the new, magnificent bastard of a record from The Devil And The Almighty Blues, is going to pour thick, syrupy goodness down your ears and into the greedy stoner corners of your soul.
on Mar 11, 2019
A full quarter century after its original release via A&M, Soundgarden’s Superunknown remains a blistering, cohesive, radio-ready offering — one brimming with Stonehenge-size riffs and often disturbing, dark messages.
on Mar 10, 2019
According to the noise he creates, Masami Akita - the artist behind Merzbow - should be a certified maniac, but if the remastered release of 1994’s Venereology, out now on Relapse Records, is the result, then who are we to judge?
on Mar 09, 2019
Inspired by the likes of At The Gates and Lamb of God, The Onset of Eternal Darkness doesn't so much follow the metal blueprint but beat it to within an inch of its life. Read our review here.
on Mar 09, 2019
Vancouver-based emo/pop-punk band, Youth Fountain, have released their debut full-length, Letters to Our Former Selves, via American punk rock label Pure Noise Records and it’s pure perfection!
on Mar 08, 2019
Out now via Svart Records, Demon Head’s latest occult rock offering, Hellfire Ocean Void, is the sound of a band staking their claim, and doing so in grand style.
on Mar 06, 2019


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