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Portland melodic black metallers UADA deliver a sophomore album full of energy and songwriting prowess that sets a high bar for the genre in 2018.
on Jun 01, 2018
Hoobastank appear to have taken a misstep with the direction of Push Pull, but fans who are amenable to the poppier elements will definitely enjoy this more than the rock contingent.
on May 31, 2018
Fierce rock trio The Kut released Valley of Thorns in early May and here’s our review of all the ‘90s-inspired, grungy, guitar-rock goodness.
on May 31, 2018
Kess’khtak have undoubtedly developed their own unique sound of beastly deathgrind, but they form part of a proud Geneva extreme metal tradition which stretches back more than twenty years. Their new record, Unwritten Rules Prevail, is out now via Art Gates Records.
on May 31, 2018
Filled with jazz, black metal, and psychedelia, 夢遊病者 (Sleepwalker)’s 一期一会 (For This Time Only, Never Again) is a musical feast for the senses.
on May 30, 2018
After a mercifully brief hiatus, Sweden’s favourite retro-stoners Graveyard are back with their fifth offering Peace. A very strong contender for album of the year, it knocks every other “summer soundtrack” flat.
on May 30, 2018
Throwing a saxophone in for the sake of it doesn’t make a technical death metal record automatically better, as Burial in the Sky, unfortunately, found out with their latest release, Creatio Et Hominus.
on May 30, 2018
Violent By Design is a short but joyful foray into slam/deathcore’s blissful bloodshower. Give Eye Of The Destroyer a spin, and may you unsuspecting fans be won over by the guys’ intensity and enthusiasm.
on May 29, 2018
Out now on Transcending Obscurity Records, Sadistik Forest offer up a feast of tantalising brutality with their third full-length record, Morbid Majesties. We advise you to dig in!
on May 28, 2018
Throughout this album, we are offered glimpses of what Dying Awkward Angel could be if they allowed more melody into their guitar-led, mid-paced sound.
on May 28, 2018
“Burn You Down” is the strongest track overall. It plods and gallops with enough room to let Kayla work her magic within the rhythmic framework. This is the equivalent of musical ecstasy. This is Witch Mountain at their best.
on May 28, 2018
Pathological Rites, a reissue of the early-‘90s demo releases of Finland’s Carnifex provides an amusing diversion into proto-death metal nostalgia.
on May 28, 2018
There is a band, their name The Zealots, and their new album Only Rocks Live Forever is fire emoji. How fire emoji? Like… three in a row, 100 underlined. They are a legit “rock band”. Remember those?
on May 28, 2018
I, The Mapmaker deliver a solid set of songs on their debut EP but, listen closely and you'll hear a band who are full of interesting ideas for the future.
on May 28, 2018
After a four-year hiatus, Orange County metalcore legends Bleeding Through are back, and in a BIG way, with their new album Love Will Kill All.
on May 24, 2018
On The Body’s latest release, they seem to be continuing down even more deviant avenues, exploring the wider gamut of genres contained under the pop umbrella.
on May 23, 2018
Black Moth Super Rainbow’s Panic Blooms is simultaneously brilliant and frustrating; an album that promises so much, containing some genuinely wonderful moments, yet falling slightly short of greatness.
on May 22, 2018
Ember showcases a new side to the band, one with layered vocals and a more complex sound.
on May 17, 2018
With all the furore surrounding Richie Sambora's return to Bon Jovi for their recent Hall Of Fame induction, here's hoping this gem of an album doesn't fly under the radar of rock fans.
on May 16, 2018
With their second EP, Into the Dying of Time, Edmonton’s Valyria strike an ideal balance between the heaviness and groove of melodeath and the hooks of power metal to deliver a release with real promise.
on May 15, 2018


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