ALL Song Review

This is good driving-on-the-open-road music, it keeps your foot tapping and you can sing along to it. I have to admit that I’m not a fan of acoustic albums, but this wasn’t painful to listen to.
on Dec 12, 2016
"The Revenant" is a dark, disturbing short film with music that perfectly matches the cinematic visuals, drawing the viewer right smack into the middle of a twisted tale of rage, revenge, hatred, the dark arts, and an eternal curse.
on Dec 08, 2016
Toronto does many things well, and 80's inspired noise rock is just one more to add to the list with this new killer single from three-piece Lampshades. Check out our review for our review.
on Nov 30, 2016
Brooklyn-based outfit Super Capsule have released this single in advance of their EP coming out soon. Check out our review for our review of their single "Frost".
on Nov 28, 2016
It'll be worth it to catch some more from this group and soon, and you can certainly do that with their latest album Bible and Sword out now.
on Nov 15, 2016
Leeds-based five piece Fizzy Blood are currently on a meteoric rise, and this new single is only going to serve to push them ever upwards. Check out our drooling review inside.
on Nov 13, 2016
Sounding more like a B-side than a single, the production and approach on the track by War Nurse is still a welcome approach to bygone eras of industrial meeting goth meeting rock.
on Nov 07, 2016
Reminiscent of bands like The Strokes and The Eagulls, and a lot more The's I could mention, the Bucks-based quartet just released a single that will inevitably bring up memories of the British Invasion in the early 2000's, while managing to hint at future strengths which presently remain to be seen.
on Nov 07, 2016
Though the song lacks the meticulous ferocity of previous single "Hardwired," it is still a solid addition to what is shaping up to be a promising album.
on Nov 02, 2016
"Loath" is the first track on Ten Thousand Ways To Die and if you’ve been a fan of Obituary for any given length of time, it has all the hallmarks of any of their songs.
on Oct 31, 2016
After teasing fans prior to its release, Avenged Sevenfold return with some long-awaited new music so we give our thoughts on new single "The Stage". Read our review inside...
on Oct 28, 2016
Something Wrong Here could very well be the soundtrack for the next Nightmare On Elm Street installation. There is no shortage of ominous vibes or heavy metallic beats, and REZZ keeps it volatile throughout.
on Oct 17, 2016
The only way I can describe their sound is a cross between '90s technical death metal pioneers Atrocity and Nocturnus, but sans the vocals.
on Oct 05, 2016
The perfect song for all you hopeless romantics. Read our review of the new Simple Plan single here...
on Oct 03, 2016
Metallica have just dropped another new track but does it impress as much as "Hardwired" did? Read our review of "Moth Into Flame" here...
on Sep 27, 2016
The song changes tempos like a boxer changes his punches, so you’re getting your ass kicked at different speeds.
on Sep 20, 2016
"Lose Yourself" has got catchy lyrics and a happy-go-lucky rhythm that's bound to stay in your head all day.
on Aug 24, 2016
"Hardwired" just released and I must say, if this is a prelude to what's to come, Metallica fans will not be let down in the least.
on Aug 20, 2016
The five-time Grammy Award-winning rock band has come back with a "Bang Bang".
on Aug 12, 2016
This is one intense track that, if you are a fan of classic Korn, will probably remind you of their debut self-titled album and Life Is Peachy days.
on Aug 03, 2016


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