ALL Song Review

"Even When The Sun Goes Down" is an infectious, riff-heavy three and a half minute taste of music that will grab your attention and not let go
on Mar 17, 2016
Tennessee’s The Giant & The Tailor are probably one of the realest, most honest bands I have heard in a while.
on Mar 14, 2016
When the world ends because a portal to Hell was opened up through the ground of a show in Toronto, chances are it will be this band that is responsible.
on Mar 07, 2016
New DSGNS track "Chemical Peel" is the perfect mix of noisy-as-hell, heavy-as-fuck, and crushing.
on Mar 02, 2016
They may come from that hotbed of debauchery Los Angeles but Hudson certainly don't sound like your typical LA band.
on Jan 22, 2016
"Deadlights," the new track from UK rockers They Say Fall sees the band live up to the praise being given to them by the metal press.
on Sep 26, 2015
This particular musical boat may have sailed out of port many years ago but this three minutes of unashamed hook filled nu-metal is a real treat!
on Aug 21, 2015
Saint Asonia, the new band made up ex-members of Three Days Grace and members of Staind, Finger Eleven, release the first taster from their upcoming debut.
on Aug 17, 2015
"Blood Stop and Run", one of the newest singles from UK rockers Kill It Kid, is a fuzzy, overdriven, bottom heavy tune that is both quite original and damn infectious.
on Aug 02, 2015
"Do You Know Me?", one of the newest singles from the UK-based rock act Vant, is a crisp, clean rock tune with super-catchy melodies and tons of energy!
on Jul 30, 2015
If you're looking for a band who create powerful, thought-provoking, challenging heavy music that doesn't sit within any boundaries or pigeonholes, then Nok Novum are certainly worth a punt.
on Jul 16, 2015
There are bands who make music that is just perfect for the fleapits of the UK and, judging by this track, Dumbjaw are one of them!
on Jun 18, 2015
Taking influence from the Sempiternal era of Bring Me The Horizon, "Alpha Wolves" is an abrasive, epic slice of metalcore.
on Jun 18, 2015
Panic! At The Disco return with their first single in two years and set things up nicely for their long-awaited fifth album.
on Jun 04, 2015
If this is the caliber of what we are to expect from Sol Invictus, May 19th truly is going to be a special day for many.
on May 19, 2015
Dirty Sheets, the new track from German pop-punk rockers Storyteller may have all the traits of your average pop-punk song but thankfully the emphasis from these Germans is more on the punk side than the pop side!
on Apr 04, 2015
With the release of their new album, Secret Broadcast start to reach for their full potential as their new single demonstrates.
on Mar 31, 2015
Fellow neck wreckers, you owe it to yourself to check out the song "Black Wind Of Death" by Slikk Wikked, they are flying the thrash flag loud and proud!
on Mar 26, 2015
Jamey Jasta's new walkout music for UFC fighter Matt "The Immortal" Brown is a thumping, pounding, anthemic number guaranteed to get both the UFC crowd and metal crowd on their feet.
on Mar 14, 2015
"I.O.U. Nothing" has EVERYTHING a classic Coal Chamber song should have, but also something else: It has a maturity, sophistication, and even cleanliness about it that takes their music to a new level.
on Mar 06, 2015


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