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Can Chef Danny P. do any wrong? One this instalment of Baker’s Dozen, we get to try the “Grandaddy” of all rice dishes, the far out “Badly Beeten Risotto”.
on Aug 14, 2018
Alt-rock combo Static Fires are set to release their debut album, Thirteen, on Friday 10th August, and we have an exclusive track-by-track breakdown from the rising rockers.
on Aug 08, 2018
Chef Danny P. is at it once again. This week he’s having fun with some potent puns and shows us how to whip up the best brunch ever. Baker’s Dozen is back and this is “Grown-up Green Eggs and Ham”.
on Aug 07, 2018
Disney is buying 20th Century Fox and will now own 60% of all movies you see. Are we seeing the end game in the monopolization of all entertainment, and with it the new age of corporate “morality” police?
on Aug 06, 2018
Epilogue is a mixed-media series by artist Damon Kardon honoring classic horror and sci-fi films. Feature #3 celebrates 1968’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.
on Aug 03, 2018
Uncomely released their newest EP Games People Play on July 27th, and, in the spirit of being good sports, they gave us a track-by-track breakdown of the four-song release.
on Aug 03, 2018
We have Yvette Young, guitarist for the instrumental math-rock group Covet, dishing on her 5 favourite female musical acts in this iteration of PureGrainAudio’s Women of Rock.
on Aug 02, 2018
Chef Danny P. returns with your weekly dose of happy-infused food and drink. In the newwst episode of Baker’s Dozen, warm up your kettle, stream our java-ready playlist, and brew up a cup of “Wake ‘n’ Bake Blended Coffee”.
on Jul 31, 2018
Bloodstock Open Air 2018 is just over a week away and with a line-up that includes Judas Priest and Watain, there is plenty to get excited about.
on Jul 31, 2018
The debut Kore Rozzik album, Vengeance Overdrive, dropped on July 20th via Deadline Records/Cleopatra Records and was quickly followed by the “Mistress” music video. We connected with the band for a behind-the-scenes scoop.
on Jul 30, 2018
Childish Gambino’s “This is America” should be required listening, followed by required viewing of the tracks’s ground-breaking music video. Enough chatter about “what is the song of the summer?”... Donald Glover has given us the “Song of the Decade!”
on Jul 29, 2018
Red Run Art Series (No Blackout Dates) is a mixed-media series by artist Damon Kardon created to celebrate the traveling circus that is the music tour. Package #16 features Mastodon.
on Jul 27, 2018
In this installation of our Women of Rock series, we get the whimsical, insatiably quirky pseudo-pop-punkers T-Rextasy to give us a list of 5 female-centric acts they love including: Salt-N-Pepa, St. Vincent, Liz Phair, SZA, and Zenizen.
on Jul 26, 2018
Canadian summertime is a beautiful thing and the perfect time to gather around a bonfire. In this edition of Baker’s Dozen, Chef Danny P. shares a “fuzzy” take on the classic s’mores recipe.
on Jul 24, 2018
Dorian Sorriaux, guitarist with Blues Pills spoke to us about his top guitarists from the '60s and '70s
on Jul 23, 2018
Meek Mill has been subjected to Judge Genece Brinkley’s unfair probation decisions over the years, stemming from a drug charge by a corrupt cop. It feels like Brinkley is the master of puppets, pulling the strings in this broken judicial system.
on Jul 22, 2018
Epilogue is a mixed-media series by artist Damon Kardon honouring classic horror and sci-fi films. Feature #2 celebrates 1968’s Rosemary’s Baby.
on Jul 20, 2018
Welcome to our exclusive guided tour of the five tracks that comprise the thundering debut EP, Colder Than Dark, from New England metalcore sextet, Saving Vice.
on Jul 18, 2018
Devan Glover, vocalist for the Toronto, Canada-based folk-rock quartet Wild Rivers, hit us with her five picks for female-centric groups that not only influenced her musical tastes, but also are ones you gotta get to know (if you don’t already).
on Jul 17, 2018
Chef Danny P. is back with more tasty goodness! In this episode of Baker’s Dozen, crank your BBQ to “high”, stream our cook-ready playlist, and grill up some “Not So Southern BBQ Chicken”!
on Jul 17, 2018


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