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Going through each one of the five songs presented on their new Live (EP), out March 15th via Hatch Records, Watford, UK-based rockers The Spitfires dive into the wonderful vinyl offering with an exclusive track-by-track breakdown.
on Apr 05, 2019
London punk-folk band, Skinny Lister, are heading out to the States in a couple of weeks to join Bouncing Souls on tour. Following the completion of their recent UK tour, we spoke to vocalist Lorna Thomas about her favourite female punk rockers.
on Apr 05, 2019
She’s whipped up one tasty Sad Girl Breakfast with her latest recording but what does it all mean? Lauren Lakis, whose new EP is due this spring via Cavity Search Records, discusses her five fave Women of Rock, and living in the moment.
on Apr 04, 2019
Hong Kong quartet Bamboo Star, who recorded their latest “No Hard Feelings” EP with renowned producer Bob Marlette, have relocated to New York on their quest to bring incredible rock to the world! Today, lead singer, Wilfred “Wolf Red” Chung joins us for an exclusive guest blog breaking down their “It’s Just Business” claymation video.
on Apr 03, 2019
It's not all sold-out gigs and celebrity-filled parties being in a band. Sometimes the inspiration is low and you just can't get those songs out. During times like these, Outright Resistence turn to a good documentary for inspiration and, to help you, they've picked their top ten go-to documentaries to help them out of that lull.
on Apr 02, 2019
Calgary, Alberta’s post-black metal band, Numenorean are set to drop their sophomore album, Adore, via Season of Mist on April 12th. So, what exactly influenced this group’s atmospheric, ten-track terror-fest? Read out latest edition of Stereo Six to find out.
on Apr 01, 2019
To coincide with the April 5th release of Enterprise Earth’s new record, Luciferous, due out via Entertainment One and Good Fight Music, we present to you an exclusive track-by-track rundown from lead singer Dan Watson.
on Mar 25, 2019
UK post-rock trio Goya recently released their single “Prophecie” and, with more new music to come this year, we’re marking the occasion with an op-ed style guest blog on the Tascam 424 MkIII and true joys of four-track cassette recording.
on Mar 25, 2019
New York hardcore legends Sworn Enemy release their new album Gamechanger on April 5th via M-Audio, so we asked them to tell us who they thought were the “game changers” of the genre.
on Mar 25, 2019
Red Run Art Series (No Blackout Dates) is a mixed-media series by artist Damon Kardon created to celebrate the travelling circus that is the music tour. Package #19 features Korn.
on Mar 22, 2019
Damned If I Don’t, the new project from South African born musician Daniel Stacey Herber, recently released their new, self-titled album. Herber sat down to give us an exclusive track-by-track explanation of his work.
on Mar 21, 2019
From Joy Division to Wolf Alice, Wakefield post-punk newcomers The Gallery pick five songs that helped shape the raucous sound of the band.
on Mar 21, 2019
Fresh off the March 1st release of their fourth full-length, bi/MENTAL, via Rise Records, Mexican garage punkers Le Butcherettes lend us vocalist/guitarist Teri Gender Bender for a Women of Rock session to list five of her current favourite female acts.
on Mar 20, 2019
Essex’s maverick musical genius, Scott Lavene is bringing his specific brand of alt/indie rock to the masses with the debut album, Broke, out June 7th via Funnel Music. Get to know the man by checking out his wildly absurd “Alternative Guide to NYC”; a hilarious whirlwind sure to define your next trip to NYC.
on Mar 20, 2019
Ahead of the release of, Mysterium Tremendum’s, the new album due April 26th via Entertainment One, Portland, OR’s progressive sludge sluggers, Lord Dying shared their “Stereo Six,” wherein guitarist/vocalist Erik Olson covers concept records that influenced him during the new album’s writing process.
on Mar 19, 2019
Louise Lemón, a riveting, powerful force hot off the released of her new album, A Broken Heart is an Open Heart, out March 15th via Icons Creating Evil Art, joins our Women of Rock ranks with five female-centric acts that helped shape her new record.
on Mar 18, 2019
We entered a rabbit hole called The Gerogerigegege and it lead directly to the Japan’s noise punk music scene, one which shared (and continues to share) space with the gay and BDSM scenes simultaneously. There we began to understand a mysterious band surrounded by bondage, masturbation, secrecy and noise.
on Mar 15, 2019
With the release of her sixth album, Reckless Heart, and subsequent UK tour dates looming, we spoke to British blues rock guitarist Joanne Shaw Taylor about some of the great musicians that have helped shape her sound.
on Mar 14, 2019
Indianapolis, IN’s up-and-coming hardcore heroes, Pickwick Commons are on the verge of issuing their new album Weak Bones and not only do we have a track-by-track rundown courtesy of guitarist Colin Fedorchak, but also an advance listen with our exclusive premiere!
on Mar 13, 2019
As the 2019 Juno Awards kick off in London, Ontario, hometown favourite rockers, the unsigned trio Basic White, took the time to share their own, detailed list of how to “Survive Juno Week in London”.
on Mar 13, 2019


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