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You should listen to Army of Freshmen! Of all the independent, unknown and obscure bands I've come across in recent years, Army of Freshmen are probably the one band I recommend most to people. You might be surprised to hear that the California-based six piece have been together for over ten years, and have played over 1,000 shows, including the UK's Download and Sonisphere Festivals, as well as sold out arena shows with…
on Oct 05, 2010
Probably best known as the lead vocalist in Dream Theater, James LaBrie is definitely a veteran of the rock world. Since his first release with Dream Theater in 1992, (their '89 album When Dream and Day Unite featured Chris Collins as lead vocalist) LaBrie has appeared as a guest on countless records, put out two releases with the band MullMuzzler and released a solo album in 2005 entitled Elements of Persuasion. Enter present day and September 2010 welcomes his second solo effort into the world, Static Impulse.
on Sep 29, 2010
In 2009, Ryan Ross and Jon Walker left the very successful pop-outfit Panic! At The Disco due to musical differences. The duo longed to leave the pop scene to fulfill their desire of playing 1960’s Beatles-esque tunes with a more mature sound. They formed The Young Veins, and recorded their 2010 debut Take A Vacation in a matter of months.
on Sep 20, 2010
Few artists are rarely ever able to break away from successful bands and go solo. We’ve seen it done so many times before, from Chris Cornell’s less than stellar solo career (did anyone even hear "Scream"?) to the Scott Weiland solo releases (who even knew he released solo stuff?), it’s hard to break away from a popular band. Ed Kowalczyk of the massively successful '90s alt rock band Live is the latest to take the solo plunge with the July, 2010 release of his debut solo record Alive.
on Sep 09, 2010
Wheatus is an odd band. They had a major hit back in 2001 with "Teenage Dirtbag", followed it up with an Erasure cover, then due to a dispute with their record label Sony, disappeared completely from the limelight. But it's a little known fact that they're still skulking around the music world, working totally autonomously out of their studio in Northport, Long Island. The band are now pioneers in Super Audio CD, a high resolution format that hasn't been widely accepted…
on Sep 08, 2010
Long live grunge rock. It’s nice to see bands aren’t yet forgetting the best movement in rock and roll since the 1960s. Atom Smash, a five piece band from South Florida is a true throwback to the brilliance of the early ‘90s. The band, led by lead vocalist Sergio Sanchez, is modern grunge at its best, combining all the great elements of the era along with a few surprises. Describing the sound of the band, Sanchez says…
on Sep 06, 2010
When you think of the music scene in Boston, Massachusetts, you most likely immediately visualize a crowd cheering their pints of beers to the sounds of homegrown punk-ska bands like Dropkick Murphys, Big D and the Kids Table and Mighty Might Bosstones. But for progressive-punk trio Elsewhere, whose music does not consist of brass instruments, the group still encompasses the same element of fun their hometown heroes possess.
on Sep 01, 2010
The dynamic and genuine bringers of raw doom known as Place of Skulls have been evolving their sick sound since 2000. In their music fancy guitar riffs and other metal aesthetics abound and these elements are not only intriguing, but also serve to effectively suck the listener into their gloomy world. Yet beyond all the frills, the group's music has a deeper meaning - Place of Skulls creates music that reflects both beliefs in politics and faith in God.
on Aug 31, 2010
It’s unfortunate but a lot of people aren’t aware that Canada has a fairly healthy hard rock/metal scene going. Several new bands are writing and releasing music on par with their U.S. counterparts including Hunter City Madness. The band is a five man metalcore act from Ottawa, Ontario that formed as recently as spring of last year. Rather than trying to describe the band myself I’ll offer a well worded quote from their official bio that says…
on Aug 16, 2010
Influenced by everything from Tool to Black Sabbath and The Beatles and everything in between, The Reptilians have not let anything get in their way since they stormed the almost non existent Southeast Idaho music scene about ten years ago. Members Joey "The Hulk” Labato, Steve "Jesus" McMichael, Viktor "Bob Wilt and Chance "The 305" Smith recently released The Mentalist, an album mutantcolors at says is "Not easy listening, but it is cleverly disguised as easy-to-listen-to."
on Aug 12, 2010
I have a lot of pet peeves - more than someone as unattractive as I reasonably should to still expect to be well-liked, but that's beside the point (sort of). A few of those pet peeves involve answers to that all-to-frequent question that anyone bothering to check out this webzine probably gets more than once a week: "What kind of music do you like?"
on Aug 05, 2010
The Real McKenzies' style of punk music includes bag pipes... lots and lots of bag pipes. They produce a really merry kind of punk music which boasts fast beats, the happy hum of bag pipes and lyrics conducive to drinking and having fun. All of this combines to produce a really feel-good sound that makes you want to mosh, jump, run... or dance a merry jig!
on Aug 05, 2010
I'd like to take a minute, and quote the people at Steamwhistle Breweries in Toronto: "do one thing, really, really well". Hero Destroyed a.k.a. Zach Moore, Dustin Newman, Jeff Turko, Pat McNicholas and Neal Andrus definitely have championed the concept of technical, bad-ass riffs and as such showcase them "really, really well" on their first full length Throes.
on Jul 29, 2010
Members of ORBS pooled their musical talents to create their debut album Asleep Next to Science. The group of musicians boast various musical backgrounds and all were previously members in other bands. For example, Adam Fisher and Clayton "Goose" Holyoak come from Fear Before, Dan Briggs brings experience from Between the Buried and Me, Ashley Ellyllon hails from Abigail Williams and Cradle of Filth and Chuck Johonson takes his experience from Torch Runner.
on Jul 21, 2010
Typically, when a band is called "metal" , I usually think that means they are one of the following: A) Loud B) Fast and/ or C) Aggressive. When I listened to October File's second full-length album Our Souls to You it was clear the four-piece from across the pond really understands how to make a solid metal album by these standards.
on Jul 05, 2010
I remember the first time I saw Kathleen Turner Overdrive, they hit the small stage and got right into it thrashing around with high amounts of energy. This is what first drew me to the band. Not long that experience, Underground Operations announced the signing of KTO and the release of an EP named Marauders!Wolves!Scavengers!Party!. The EP is six tracks of sick music. I can listen to this release on repeat a crap load of times. It never gets stale.
on Jun 28, 2010
After only playing a couple shows and shooting a video for their song “Year of The Rat”, Citizen, already received a nomination for Best Original Band of 2009 at the Niagara Music Awards. Hailing from St. Catherine’s, Ontario I highly recommend checking these guys out if you’re into the softer side of rock. Brad Moore’s vocals are unique and easily distinguishable, which is a must for any aspiring rock act.
on Jun 15, 2010
MySpace isn’t all that bad (well okay maybe it got to the point where I log in every 100 days), but, had I not signed up eons ago I would never have “met” Ryan Warrell. With oodles of hours spent on AIM chatting about music, future aspirations, families and everything under the sun, we created a long distance friendship (at best).
on Jun 11, 2010
Check out this exclusive Top 10 list from rockers Sugar Red Drive. Lead singer, Archit Tripathi gives us his Top 10 Comic book villains and why each one of these villains made the list. Make sure to check out Sugar Red Drive online and grab their hot, new self-titled album, featuring singles, “One More Time,” and “Red Machine” on iTunes. Also, stream an acoustic version of the song "Red Machine" right here. Without further ado, here are…
on Jun 07, 2010
May 16, 2010 Ronnie James Dio passed away after a battle with stomach cancer. This was a sad day for metal fans worldwide. But instead of mourning his passing, let us instead remember all of the great things that he has brought to this world. First and foremost, the man created the devil horns! I mean, this is THE symbol for rock and metalers worldwide - every rocker tends to throw the goat instead of a plain old thumbs up. Oh, and he also created…
on May 28, 2010


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