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Ever been interested in how to go about growing your own cannabis? Our own Andrew Hartl offers an in-depth look at his personal experience in growing his own batch of Tutankhamun (aka “King Tut”) marijuana in this in-depth, DIY feature.
on Jan 29, 2019
Manchester, England’s alternative rockers, The Elephant Trees are huge supporters of the LGBTQ community. With their debut EP due in April and the “4100” single on Feb 15, the band listed their Top 10 LGBTQ artists to look out for in 2019!
on Jan 28, 2019
New York rock quartet Here’s To You return from an extended absence with their new album Wonder/Wander. In a special guest blog, the band shares with us how taking a break has helped them grow as a band, and as individuals.
on Jan 28, 2019
From Black Peaks to Leprous, alt-rockers Icarus Dive reveal the five songs that helped define their sound.
on Jan 27, 2019
Kyle Crane, well-known for his work with legendary Canadian producer Daniel Lanois and in the Academy Award-winning film Whiplash, shares a deeply personal track-by-track for his debut solo album under the moniker Crane Like The Bird.
on Jan 25, 2019
Epilogue is a mixed-media series by artist Damon Kardon honoring classic horror and sci-fi films. Feature #11 celebrates 1994’s The Crow, starring Brandon Lee, released via Miramax Films.
on Jan 25, 2019
New York City rockers Big Spirit share a guest blog offering insight into the artistic and provocative cover artwork for their debut album, Get This!.
on Jan 23, 2019
“Industrial came about because a bunch of British avant-garde artists got tired of strictly doing street performance and wanted to start a band.” So begins our latest installment of A Ridiculously Short History of...; this time around, INDUSTRIAL!
on Jan 17, 2019
Instrumental jam band Lotus lent us two of their members to list the six most influential songs and albums that helped inspire their newest record, Frames Per Second.
on Jan 14, 2019
Set It Off are dropping their Fearless Records debut, Midnight, on February 1st, and we have the band’s vocalist, Cody Carson, joining us to list his Top 5 most anticipated video games of 2019.
on Jan 09, 2019
In a special guest blog, Californian rockers The Silent Comedy offer an inside look at the photography and packaging included with the masterful piece of artistic creation that is their new record, Enemies Multiply.
on Jan 08, 2019
Penny Marshallwas a champion for equal rights not to mention an amazing artist; showcasing a wide array of colors in her palette. Take your pick of some of the greatest comedies and dramas of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, she directed them all!
on Jan 04, 2019
Epilogue is a mixed-media series by artist Damon Kardon honoring classic horror and sci-fi films. Feature #10 celebrates 1993’s Jurassic Park, starring Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum, released via Universal Pictures.
on Dec 21, 2018
Fresh off their newest album, Make Room (out October 19th on Uncool Records), Destroy Boys join us for another Women of Rock installment to give us the five female-inclusive groups they are loving right now.
on Dec 21, 2018
In another of our exciting Stereo Six installments, we’re happy to have Big Lonely’s own Jake Heise join us to detail five classic albums (and one curveball) that influenced Bad Magic, the band’s most recent release.
on Dec 20, 2018
German death metallers, Deathrite, have an eclectic taste in music, but all of it ties into the world of nightmares. Check out their playlist for unpacking their latest album - When Nightmares Reign, out now on Century Media.
on Dec 19, 2018
We’re packing some serious Greek Fire today and offering you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the St. Louis-based group’s latest music video for their single, “The Ride.”
on Dec 18, 2018
The Yada Yada Yadas are full of “Human Emotion” with their just released new track on Silent Kid Records. The band’s Mark Owens joins us for a TOP 5 list of his favorite North Eastern music venues!
on Dec 14, 2018
As one of the United States’ remaining 3 “major labels,” Universal Music Group can regularly be counted on for top-tier re-issues featuring interesting archival material. Just in time for the 2018 holiday season, here’s a look at 5 recent vinyl re-issues from Universal.
on Dec 13, 2018
Welcome to Planet B! We are pleased to present to you today an exclusive track-by-track rundown of this eclectic musical act’s new self-titled album, right from the mouths of the duo themselves, Justin Pearson and Luke Henshaw.
on Dec 13, 2018


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