The Convalescence is an Ohio-based symphonic deathcore band about to embark on a short Canadian trek, but before braving the harsh Northern elements, they are joining us for their Top 10 tips for surviving a Canadian winter tour.
on Feb 11, 2019
Riding a wave of recent hype that began with her Plane Crash EP, Bonnie Li, a multilingual vocalist has released her debut full-length, Wǒ Men. Here she runs down her Top 10 most influential women who left a mark on society.
on Feb 06, 2019
With the looming March 8th release of their upcoming album, Brain Invaders, we checked in with Orange County, California punks, Zebrahead, to discuss... peanut butter sandwiches? Yep! Here are the band’s Top 10 things to put on your PBS!
on Feb 04, 2019
Swedish rock group, The Bongo Club run down their Top 10 worst European hostel and hotel experiences.
on Jan 30, 2019
Out of My Way are an up-and-coming Swedish pop-punk trio who happily curated their own list of the Top 10 emerging Scandinavian pop-punk bands to keep an eye on.
on Jan 24, 2019
To give you something extremely exclusive, and unique to only industrial metal band Porn, the French musicians listed their Top 10 most controversial, or racy, music videos from artists they love.
on Jan 10, 2019
Rambunctious pop-punkers Hello, Atlantic, who recently dropped their newest single, “Night Life”, join us to showcase their lighter side by listing their TOP 10 fun facts about their home state of Rhode Island.
on Dec 19, 2018
Undeck the Halls! Detachment, a five-piece metalcore band hailing from Long Island, NY, celebrate their recent single, “Million Eyes”, by joining us with their TOP 10 songs to detach from Christmas.
on Dec 13, 2018
It is one again that joyous time of the year and we are running down the Top 10 Christmas songs that’ll get you in the spirit while staying true to your favourite heavy artists, including Motionless In White, Type O Negative, Issues, Breathe Carolina, All Time Low and more.
on Dec 05, 2018
Toronto’s indie-folk darlings, Birds of Bellwoods just released their debut full-length, Victoria and, to celebrate this monumental event, we are happy to have the band join us for a hilarious list of their Top 10 first Canadian tour pit stops.
on Nov 13, 2018
Genre bending rap-rockers Oxymorrons eagerly take the opportunity to give us insight into one half of their personality by listing, in no particular order, their TOP 10 favourite metal and hardcore bands.
on Nov 06, 2018
His daughter is named Kerry King and he's been a Slayer fan for as long as he can remember. How could we not get Tale of Two Woe's Carl King to give us his Ultimate Slaylist?
on Nov 03, 2018
Indie/rock foursome, The Penny Serfs, continue to promote their full-length effort, Politics in the Time of Heroin, released on January 26th, and we synced up with members Mikey Loy and Kyle Lewis for this awesome TOP 10 list!
on Nov 01, 2018
US metal titans Slayer kick off their European tour in Dublin tonight so who better to provide their Ultimate Slaylist than Bloodstock Photographer and Slayer obsessive Steve Dempsey?
on Nov 01, 2018
To help celebrate Halloween, Canadian nerd-rockers Double Experience have shared their Top 10 spookiest songs lifted from classic video game soundtracks.
on Oct 27, 2018
Riley Rowe, one half of of Pomona, California’s Kinkshamer, joins us to detail the TOP 10 kinky metal bands, with specific songs and kinks for each group.
on Oct 08, 2018
Brighton-based alternative quartet River Becomes Ocean have released a new single, "Silence Means Nothing", featuring Liam Cormier of Canadian hardcore bruisers Cancer Bats.
on Oct 04, 2018
We’re counting down the TOP 10 songs from Memphis, Tennessee’s Christian rock group Skillet. Peruse the list to see which songs made the cut from the band’s massive catalogue.
on Oct 02, 2018
Did someone order some thrash? Italian shredder and singer Loris Castiglia, of the Candlelight/Spinefarm Records-signed act Ultra-Violence, counts down his top ten thrash metal album covers.
on Aug 22, 2018
Dig comics? Well so does heavy metal band Bury Tomorrow! Celebrating their fifth and latest album Black Flame (Music For Nations / Sony Music), bassist David Winter-Bates shares his TOP 10 favourite comic books.
on Aug 16, 2018


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