To get you hyped for Madison, Wisconsin’s Mad With Power Fest 2019, festival organizer and Lords of the Trident vocalist Ty Christian shares his TOP 10 list of arcade games to play while headbanging to power metal.
on Jun 14, 2019
Away from writing their new EP, All At Your Mercy, Manchester post-metal band Pleiades have weighed in with a massive 880 hours on Football Manager. We dragged them away from their screen for a minute to talk us through their Top 10 video games.
on Jun 07, 2019
As part of our TOP 10 series, cover band Handsome Young Ladies runs down their 10 most impactful cover songs, including Nirvana, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, Reel Big Fish and more.
on May 28, 2019
Perttu Kivilaakso, from the Finnish symphonic metal band Apocalyptica, lists his favourite superhero/band matchups in this absolutely killer Top 10 article!
on May 23, 2019
West Michigan, melodic metalcore band Amoura just dropped their new single “Back Then” and, to celebrate, bassist Scott Werner offers up his Top 10 favourite WWE Wrestler entrance theme songs.
on May 20, 2019
When he's not helping to make crushing tech-metal, Thom Gardner from UK bruisers Harbinger likes to play weird video games and he's picked his Top Ten here.
on May 14, 2019
Los Angeles industrial poppers, Aesthetic Perfection, led by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Daniel Graves, hot off the March 29th release of their new album Into the Black, share the hilarious top 10 facts about Aesthetic Perfection that are strange but true!
on Apr 18, 2019
Accompanying the April 12th (today) release of the EP Eaton Super 10, Jackson Wargo, the creative mind behind indie shoegaze band Snowball ii, highlights the Top 10 shoegaze albums you may have missed.
on Apr 12, 2019
In promotion of Howdilly Twodilly, the sophomore release from Ned Flanders-inspired metal quintet, Okilly Dokilly, lead singer and guitarist Ned Head serves up his TOP 10 most underrated Ned Flanders moments in Simpsons history.
on Apr 08, 2019
In the latest edition of our continued Top 10 series, Century Media-signed heavy metal band Witherfall give us their “Ten Best Album Covers According to Witherfall,” including King Diamond, Led Zeppelin and Type O Negative.
on Apr 05, 2019
Italian sludge metal outfit, NEKER confirmed a spring 2019 Canadian mini-tour consisting of nine stops across Ontario and Quebec. Naturally, we asked them about the must-have Italian food for a touring musician!
on Apr 01, 2019
According to prog-rockers Wheel the future has plenty to be optimistic about. Don’t believe them, well, check out their top ten things they think give us hope for the future.
on Mar 28, 2019
South Carolina indie rock/dream pop quartet, A Fragile Tomorrow are fresh of the release of their psychedelic, meditative record Generation Loss and band member Sean Kelly joins us with the Top 10 “Things Every Artist Should Know When They Start Out.”
on Mar 08, 2019
Richard Rogers, lead singer and guitarist for San Diego, CA-based post-hardcore band SECRETS, shared with us his TOP 10 favourite fast food restaurants the band enjoys frequenting while on tour.
on Mar 02, 2019
Florida based non-profit organization To Write Love on Her Arms helps raises awareness for mental health issues by lending team member Chad Moses, a ten year vet with group, for a Top 10 list of the things he’s learned about mental health while working at festivals.
on Feb 19, 2019
Riding a wave of recent hype that began with her Plane Crash EP, Bonnie Li, a multilingual vocalist has released her debut full-length, Wǒ Men. Here she runs down her Top 10 most influential women who left a mark on society.
on Feb 06, 2019
With the looming March 8th release of their upcoming album, Brain Invaders, we checked in with Orange County, California punks, Zebrahead, to discuss... peanut butter sandwiches? Yep! Here are the band’s Top 10 things to put on your PBS!
on Feb 04, 2019
Swedish rock group, The Bongo Club run down their Top 10 worst European hostel and hotel experiences.
on Jan 30, 2019
Out of My Way are an up-and-coming Swedish pop-punk trio who happily curated their own list of the Top 10 emerging Scandinavian pop-punk bands to keep an eye on.
on Jan 24, 2019
To give you something extremely exclusive, and unique to only industrial metal band Porn, the French musicians listed their Top 10 most controversial, or racy, music videos from artists they love.
on Jan 10, 2019


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