Phoenix, Arizona's unsigned rock band, As Thick As Thieves, share with us an awesome list of their TOP 10 most inspirational people.
on Aug 17, 2016
Recently, Kiarely, vocalist for Artery Recordings' all-female metal band Conquer Divide, checked in and shared with us her TOP 10 essential tour items!
on Aug 15, 2016
With their latest EP, Salsa, out now on Sire Records we're happy to share this rad TOP 10 list from Residual Kid singer and guitarist Deven Ivy wherein he discusses his fave, most stylish cars.
on Jul 26, 2016
On July 29, Tankcrimes will release Alpha Ghoul (pre-order here), Deny the Cross’ debut album. To celebrate the record’s release, frontman Carlos Ramirez has listed some of his biggest vocal influences for the project.
on Jul 18, 2016
Crobot, the dirty, groove rock band from Pottsville, PA celebrate all things "Fat" by unveiling their TOP 10 places they've eaten while on the road! Welcome To Fat City is due on September 23rd via Wind-up Records.
on Jul 15, 2016
What are the 10 albums that Reading, PA-based progressive death metal outfit, Black Crown Initiate wish they had written? Check out this listicle from guitarist and vocalist, Andy Thomas and buy the new eOne album Selves We Cannot Forgive on July 22, 2016.
on Jul 13, 2016
We got to thinking about unlikely collaborations from the past, so here are five that come to mind which totally kick ass!
on Jul 08, 2016
Elijah Witt, lead singer of the New Orleans-based, Rise Records quartet Cane Hill, checked in with us and offered up his thoughts on the Top 10 most grotesque moments in rock history.
on Jul 05, 2016
Swedish alternative metal band We Are The Catalyst help you to survive with their Top 10 things you need in a Zombie Apocalypse.
on Jul 04, 2016
Whispered, the Finnish melodic death metal band - and masters of Samurai Metal - took the time to have some fun and list for us their TOP 10 most metal video games!
on Jun 27, 2016
Before we say "we, told you so!", get to know Rock/Alternative quartet Soldiers Of A Wrong War. Also, check out this totally awesome list of TOP 10 Movie Quotes the band shared with us.
on Jun 17, 2016
In celebration of their main stage appearance at 2016 Vans Warped Tour on Saturday, July 2nd, Orlando, FL's hard rock/pop punk band, Felicity, shared with us an exclusive list of their TOP 10 Vans Warped Tour performances.
on Jun 15, 2016
Due out on June 24, 2016 via Napalm Records, Be'lakor's new album Vessels is positively dangerous. Incidentally, so is this exclusive TOP 10 list wherein the band rank Australia's most dangerous wildlife.
on Jun 14, 2016
Jerry Montano, bassist for the extreme rock band Death Division, shared with us this gnarly TOP 10 list of music that pumps him up when he's in the gym!
on Jun 10, 2016
Recently, Brighton-based alternative/post-hardcore quartet River Becomes Ocean got together, had some pints and shared with us their TOP 10 songs they with they had written.
on Jun 07, 2016
Jesse Zuretti, guitarist for the New Jersey-based progressive metal Binary Code, lists his favorite comedians to listen to when on the road.
on May 27, 2016
Cincinnati-based heavy psych rock quartet, Electric Citizen, released their latest stonerific album, Higher Time, via RidingEasy Records and now have shared their Top 10 Van VHS tapes!
on May 19, 2016
Caught up with Canadian rock 'n' rollers, Royal Tusk, whose full-length debut, DealBreaker, is out now via Cadence Music, and had bassist Sandy MacKinnon list his TOP 10 best Van activities to pass time while on tour.
on May 16, 2016
Gareth Liddiard, lead singer and guitarist of Melbourne, Australia weirdo rockers, The Drones, exclusively lists his TOP 10 Most Intriguing Public Figures.
on Apr 26, 2016
Guitarist and vocalist "The Cretin" Murray Acton, of Canadian punk rock trio Dayglo Abortions, took some time to list for us the TOP 10 reasons why Armageddon should be declared a national holiday.
on Apr 24, 2016


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