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Abysmal Dawn: "Programmed to Rock!"

- Dec 17, 2010 at 03:23PM
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The Skinny: Californian three piece Abysmal Dawn combine the racing drums of thrash metal, with the atmospheric guitar riffs of doom metal, and the bellowing vocal of... some other type of metal. In short, they're pretty hardcore.

So far they've only released two albums: 2006's From Ashes, and then two years later followed it up with Programmed to Consume. January 2011 will welcome their newest record, Leveling the Plane of Existence. The title track from the new album is a roaring encapsulation of the noisy and aggressive Abysmal Dawn we've seen in the previous releases, but even more tumultuous than before.

Charles Elliot's guitar style echoes that of Dimebag Darrell-esque virtuosity, displaying an impressive technical capability, and while Scott Fuller's drumming is, typical of this style of metal, extremely fast and frenetic, he plays with a truly impeccable precision.

The forthcoming album also features guest appearances from Moyses Kolesne of Krisiun and Kargen Lum of Heathen, both of whom have contributed guitar solos. Abysmal Dawn are set to tour North America in support of Leveling the Plane of Existence from February 2011.

Genre(s): Death Metal, Technical Death Metal, Blackened Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal

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