Belmont - “Belmont” [Album Review]

- Aug 14, 2018 at 07:00PM
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Rating: 8 out of 10
Earlier this year, when Belmont released “Hollowed Out,” the infectious lead-off “teaser” video from their upcoming new record, rabid fans were sent into an immediate frothy frenzy, like a pack of pit bulls pouncing on a prime pork chop. This month, the band’s self-titled, full-length debut finally arrives.

The long-awaited follow-up to the acclaimed EP, Between You & Me (2016), Belmont delivers schizophrenic arrangements that envelop neck-breaking riffs, rib cracking rhythms and electrifying vocals, along with compelling lyrics woven into irresistible melodies. Mixed and mastered by Dan Korneff (Breaking Benjamin, Paramore), it’s an explosive collection — one bursting with heart-stopping urgency.

Clocking in at a concise 27 minutes, the 10-song set isn’t short on noteworthy moments. Kicking off in the band’s spirited, signature pop/punk style, “Empty” and “Recluse” open the record with crunch and punch. Rife with frontman Taz Johnson’s hypnotic melodic allure, and pinned to Sam Patt’s razor-sharp guitar tracks, the aforementioned “Hollowed Out” is another bona fide gem.

Check out Belmont’s video for their “Hollowed Out” single.

Exemplifying the group’s maturing songwriting skills, “Interlude” is an ambient surprise treasure, buried out in left field. Cemented by Brian Lada’s brutally spectacular drum work and Alex Wieringa’s blistering bass lines, “Maplewood” and “Convalescence” both are sheer delights, while the record-closing, “BMC” showcases the band perfectly — proving clearly why Belmont is one of America’s most promising, up-and-coming young acts.

Belmont Track Listing:

01. Empty
02. Recluse
03. Write Me Off
04. Pushing Daisies
05. Interlude
06. Albert
07. Hollowed Out
08. Maplewood
09. Convalescence
10. BMC

Run Time: 27:00
Release Date: August 17, 2018
Record Label: Mutant League Records
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