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BETWEEN THE LINES Talk Us Through Their New EP 'To The Wind'

- Jul 03, 2018 at 03:03AM
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Brit tunesmiths Between The Lines are preparing for the release of their debut mini-EP, To The Wind, out on Friday 6th July through all platforms. The band to give us an exclusive track by track insight into their new EP

1. Anywhere But Here
"Anywhere But Here" is probably our most melodic track. It utilises harmonies and chord progressions to create the instrumentals, the vocals match the melodic nature of the song but have an underlying aggression to them that makes the lyrics stand out against the guitar harmonies.

2. To The Wind
"To The Wind" is one of our most riff-orientated tracks, it’s a little heavier than the majority of our set list which makes it stand out a bit - but it’s upbeat lead track makes the track bouncy and compliments the vocal melodies well.

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