Cult of Luna - “A Dawn To Fear” [Album Review]

- Sep 18, 2019 at 09:00AM
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With over twenty years of experience under their belt, Cult of Luna have left six years from their last full-length as a band (2013’s Vertikal) and present forth A Dawn To Fear; a 79-minute beast of an album spanning just eight expansive tracks. With their career most often classified as post-metal, the group are not afraid to stray between huge, doom-esque riffs and more dreamy acoustic soundscapes, and it’s a diversity demonstrated right from the beginning of A Dawn To Fear.

Album opener “The Silent Man” commences with deliberate and dense riffing and by the time the Hans Zimmer-esque organ set in it’s impossible not to be gripped by the potency of Cult of Luna’s carefully composed pieces. This is none more present than in the patient building of layers in the title track “A Dawn To Fear”; it is a stunning work of art building to its monumental crescendo. These are the hallmarks of the band displaying the maturity to give each track space to breathe, to grow organically, and having flawless judgement in allowing another phase within the song if needed to reach a completely natural conclusion.

Experience the first steps of A Dawn To Fear for yourself with “The Silent Man” below:

The album is not one to allow to pass you by in the background; it crafts a world in which to fully immerse yourself, and experience through active listening. Cult of Luna’s music has always possessed a meditative quality and in A Dawn To Fear this is demonstrated to its highest potential - I challenge any listener to not feel their energy ebb and flow with the dynamics of track “Lights On The Hill” melting into “We Feel The End” in particular.

Final track “The Fall,” a 13-minute piece of post-metal perfection which wades into murky depths with sinister opening riffs, floats in the calm with a quieter mid-sequence, and finally fades away with the tide concluding the lifecycle the listener is taken through. A Dawn To Fear (pre-order your copy here) feels to exist as more than music and sound filling a void: It pulses, expands and contracts like an organism with all of the changes of energy, mood and momentum that go along with it, leaving a deep sense of satisfaction and tranquillity upon its close. This is a contemplative, introspective album of the highest quality to be experienced with as few distractions as possible; music which commands your focus and repays you with one of the most immersive and rewarding records likely to be seen this year.

The second part of A Dawn To Fear is a video from the same story; watch “Lay Your Head To Rest” below:

A Dawn To Fear Track Listing:

01. The Silent Man
02. Lay Your Head To Rest
03. A Dawn To Fear
04. Nightwalker
05. Lights On The Hill
06. We Feel The End
07. Inland Rain
08. The Fall

Run Time: 79:11
Release Date: September 20, 2019
Record Label: Metal Blade Records
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