Del Rey - "Return of the Son of Fog Rider" [Song Review]

- Nov 26, 2010 at 06:24PM
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Rating: 7.2 out of 10
With its atmospheric layered sounds and haunting twangly guitars, the opening track, "Return of the Son of Fog Rider" off Del Rey's latest album Immemorial is an intriguing and ambitious effort. Clocking in at just over 11 minutes, it's a strangely wistful and progressive song that blends the energy of the band's five members; and although it's purely instrumental, the musicianship and song crafting is lyrical in itself, telling its own wordless story.

Twelve years since they formed, Del Rey are clearly still on top of their game. And if "Return of the Son of Fog Rider" is indicative of the rest of the album, Immemorial is definitely worth checking out.  [ END ]

Run Time: 11:15

Check out the song: "Return of the Son of Fog Rider"

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