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Elsewhere: "One of Boston's Best Unheard Bands"

- Sep 01, 2010 at 11:35AM
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The Skinny: When you think of the music scene in Boston, Massachusetts, you most likely immediately visualize a crowd cheering their pints of beers to the sounds of homegrown punk-ska bands like Dropkick Murphys, Big D and the Kids Table and Mighty Might Bosstones. But for progressive-punk trio Elsewhere, whose music does not consist of brass instruments, the group still encompasses the same element of fun their hometown heroes possess.

Elsewhere combines the upbeat punk attitude for which Boston is known with a progressive rock groove and a new-wave resonance, which combined helps to makes each of their songs radio-friendly. On the band’s MySpace page, they cite Rush, U2, Radiohead and Nirvana as their influences and this diversity is evident in their music as each track has its own definite sound. Singer Mike Aroian's vocals sound like a blend of styles between Brandon Flowers and Simon Le Bon, as he sings over catchy, electric beats that will certainly keep your feet moving.

Don't take my word for it alone though... the band's latest EP, 1981, landed at number 17 on the KKBB album chart, its self-titled single listed as number 15 on the KKBB singles chart and Instant magazine describes the band as "quite possibly one of the best bands that nobody in Boston has heard of." Elsewhere successfully forays into rock music's different sub-genres creating a distinct sound all to their own, and an EP that people of all ages and musical tastes will thoroughly enjoy.  [ END ]

Genre(s): Rock, Alternative, Progressive

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