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Hero Destroyed: "There Is No Plan B"

- Jul 29, 2010 at 07:47PM
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The Skinny: I'd like to take a minute, and quote the people at Steamwhistle Breweries in Toronto: "do one thing, really, really well". Hero Destroyed a.k.a. Zach Moore, Dustin Newman, Jeff Turko, Pat McNicholas and Neal Andrus definitely have championed the concept of technical, bad-ass riffs and as such showcase them "really, really well" on their first full length Throes.

The album offers up eleven songs each able to throw quirky riffs which are so dynamic, so heavy and groovy they appear to be in the same vein as Mr Bungle, let's say only less ominous and kitschy and more straight metal. Throes is a complete behemoth of an offering, throughout listening you're able to realize two things: 1) it's intense riff throw-down and 2) more then anything I found it a completely fun listen. Hero Destroyed I'd say are arguably Pittsburgh's most precious commodity (who needs Crosby?), their band’s technicality and tight rhythm section hits you with the subtlety of stepping on a land mine.

Throes is scheduled for an August 31st release (which truthfully I think fans of the ''math-metal" motif the boys in Hero Destroyed present on this album), cannot come soon enough. Hi-lighted tracks in my opinion to watch for are the surprising instrumental "Cerberus" which feels like a segue of the calm in an otherwise raging storm, "Minion", "You Might As Well Go Plan B" and "Don Wampus".  [ END ]

Genre(s): Mathcore, Chaotic Hardcore, Hardcore, Metalcore, Experimental

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