Lady Beast - "Vicious Breed" [Album Review]

- Dec 05, 2017 at 03:53PM
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Rating: 8 out of 10
This, people, is heavy metal. This Pittsburgh crew has been at it since 2010 with a DIY ethos that, despite the number of changes and touring activity over the past couple years, easily trumps most other similar bands. The recent Metal Immortal EP only just came out itself (also a total banger) -- if nothing else to showcase a bit of Adam Ramage’s brother Andy on lead Axe -- yet here we are with more new tunes! Well, the treat is on us as we get a brand new full-length which once again reaffirms Lady Beast's ability to pen both well-crafted and awesome music.

Things get underway with "Seal The Hex", a sure-fire show opener that gets the fists in the air. Judas Priest, DIO, and Iron Maiden influences abound, with about a dozen other NWOBHM and NWOMHM influences and styles showing themselves. "Lone Hunter" is a carefully concocted lycanthropic tale which is destined to be a live staple one can hope. Vocalist Deborah Levine is the strongest I’ve heard her since LB’s beginning, kudos to Jason Jouver for obtaining the sound they needed and at long last finally have.

Drawing this amazing half hour plus to a close is the instrumental "Sky Graves". It totally paints a grand Wagnerian soundscape into the album’s crown jewel and title track, which caps off this platter in such fine style that nothing else should dare follow (if anything at all but a repeat listen, then another and another). This band’s time is now, untold throngs should show them the love they deserve; I’m sure they have no problem taking it in any regard. Heavy metal always will have it’s hungriest warriors show up when they are needed most in dire times, so say hello to the Vicious Breed in Lady Beast!

Vicious Breed Track Listing:

01. Seal the Hex
02. The Way
03. Lone Hunter
04. Always With Me
05. Get Out
06. Every Giant Shall Fall
07. Sky Graves
08. Vicious Breed

Run Time: 36:19
Release Date: November 17, 2017

Get a load of this band's Vicious Breed via this album stream.

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