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PUPPET KINGS Give Us an Exclusive Track-By-Track Rundown on New EP 'Very Cool & Groovy'

- Aug 23, 2017 at 02:57PM
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Hard-hitting, groove-filled three-piece Puppet Kings are set to release their new EP, Very Cool & Groovy, on September 1 and, ahead of the release, the band have given us an exclusive track-by-track rundown.

01. "Wanderlust"
The opening track on the EP, "Wanderlust", is about the feeling of being unsettled and the sensation that there is always something more exciting around the corner. This leads to a life always on the move which is addictive but never truly fulfilling.

02. "Tauras"
Next up is, "Tauras", which talks about a particularly headed strong girl in London who knows exactly what she wants and she will collect.

03. Rich and White
"Rich N White", looks at white privilege, post colonialism and a critique of the underwhelming response of many Western countries to aid those fleeing war and persecution.

04. "Otherside"
The final track on our EP and current single, "Otherside". It’s a love letter to getting smashed. Recalling late nights, parties and characters in Adelaide Crescent, an old sea front apartment in Brighton with views of the pier.

Very Cool & Groovy is released 1st September 2017 available from all digital retailers.
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