Stray From The Path - "Make Your Own History"

- Feb 16, 2010 at 12:59PM
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Rating: 8 out of 10
Hardcore - a genera that has once again been on the rise across North America over the past few years. Unfortunately, the sweeping birth of the many bands resulted in a lack of originality, making it hard to distinguish one band from another. Contrary to the trend, one act in the scene was distinguishable. This was none other than Stray From The Path. If you want to hear how they differentiate themselves from other hardcore acts, check out their newest release Make Your Own History.

Not only are Stray From The Path making their own history but also their own sound. Starting off this record is drumming by Justin Manas, no wait, that's not right, Justin has switched to guitar. So who’s on drums? It’s none other than Dan Bourke (This Is Hell, Soldiers). He starts off this record with hard hitting drums similar to that of a solid Deftones beat. Overlaying this are group chants and then you hear vocalist Andrew Dijorio shout above everyone else. This is the beginning of the album.

Once you hear the second track "Manipulator" you know it's game over. All the energy from the album just makes your head explode. Guitar riffs on this album are grooving but heavy. The bass line support these grooves keeping the songs beefy. Drums are pumping with energy, making your heart beat keep the same rhythm. Last are the high screams from Andrew Dijorio that cut through your eardrums. Just to make this album even better, it was recorded by Misha Mansoor (Periphery, Bulb).

Sumerian Records definitely made the correct move signing such a distinct band. With a release like Make Your Own History it is guaranteed that almost every hardcore fan is going to love this group and buy this release. Fans of This Is Hell, Soldiers, Stick To Your Guns and I Hate Sally will really enjoy this band.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Lucid Dreaming
02. Manipulator
03. Negative And Violent
04. Mitra
05. Damien
06. Fraudulent
07. The Things You Own End Up Owning You
08. Comrades
09. Black Anchor
10. Nigeria
11. Make Your Own History

Run Time: 29:02
Release Date: 10.03.2009
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