Weedeater - "...And Justice For Y'All" (Reissue/Remastered) [Album Review]

- Sep 29, 2014 at 01:01PM
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Rating: 7 out of 10
The opening moments of "Tuesday Night," the first track on ...And Justice For Y'All, really shows how Weedeater set the tone for the rest of their career with a familiar wail that proves once and for all that all doom metal did, does and will always start with Black Fucking Sabbath.

Tuned so low my stomach was actually hurting listening to it, it's hard to believe that ...And Justice For Y'All is almost fifteen years old because, such is the timelessness of the rumbling heaviness created by this three-piece; this could really slot into the 2014 doom/sludge/filth scene with minimum fuss. At times gobbing out something more akin to sludge/punk scumbags Eyehategod, it's hard to see how Weedeater could get any more crushingly grimy. "Hungry Jack" groans under the weight of that guitar sound while "Free" is just uncontrolled fucking mayhem. "Shitfire," well, let's not beat around the bush here, the song is called "Shitfire," it's four and a half minutes of punishing filth, that's what it is. Elsewhere "Truck Drivin' Man" has that lazy Southern rock drawl about it whereas "Bucket" is as filthy sounding an end to an album as you could wish for.

Obviously we're now staring up the arse end of 2014 and Weedeater are still not really a household name in the doom/sludge scene, even after fifteen years. However, if you've stumbled across the band in recent times or are a fan of the whole Down/Eyehategod/COC thing, Weedeater will certainly satisfy your cravings while at the same time giving you a good starting point as to where these scumbags came from.

Track Listing:

01. Tuesday Night
02. Monkey Junction
03. Free
04. Hungry Jack
05. Shitfire
06. Calico
07. Truck Drivin’ Man
08. Southern Cross
09. #86
10. Bucket

Run Time: 35:01
Release Date: September 2, 2014

Check out the song "Tuesday Night"

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