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With the adult graphic novel GRACE: Based on the Jeff Buckley Story (First Second/Macmillan), author Tiffanie DeBartolo has perfectly captured the essence of Jeff Buckley with heart and soul.
on Apr 24, 2019
Vying for the South African “doom king” status, trio Ruff Majik return with their new album Tårn (Lay Bare Recordings) and, with it, prove once and for all that they are a band to be reckoned with.
on Apr 24, 2019
The attention to detail on Social Cues (out now via RCA), like much of Cage The Elephant’s catalogue, makes for an album that will surely age well.
on Apr 23, 2019
Folk artist Pablo Dylan, grandson of popular music legend Bob Dylan, offers us a full track-by-track breakdown of his excellent new EP, The Finest Somersault.
on Apr 23, 2019
In honour of the passing of The Prodigy’s enigmatic frontman Keith Flint, Hungarian groove metal band Omega Diatribe discuss their recent music video and cover of “Baby’s Got a Temper.”
on Apr 22, 2019
Nashville, Tennessee’s indie rockers The Pressure Kids join us for this Stereo Six entry to list the records that helped inspire the band’s debut, self-titled EP.
on Apr 22, 2019
It seems like yesterday, but it was 30 years ago this week (4.24.89) when Tom Petty dropped his classic solo set, Full Moon Fever, via MCA. And it remains a much-loved crown jewel of his iconic catalog.
on Apr 21, 2019
After The Burial have a taken a giant leap forward with Evergreen, out today via Sumerian Records. In it, their sound is solidified and the confidence that comes with it pours out.
on Apr 19, 2019
With a growing family of metal bands including recent talent, reformed groups, new stage-hands, etc., we look at the upcoming Metal Battle finals where a winner gets a shot to play at the mecca of them all... Wacken Open Air 2019!
on Apr 19, 2019
Los Angeles industrial poppers, Aesthetic Perfection, led by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Daniel Graves, hot off the March 29th release of their new album Into the Black, share the hilarious top 10 facts about Aesthetic Perfection that are strange but true!
on Apr 18, 2019
New Jersey metal quartet, Circuitry are fresh of the March 1st release of their album, Untouched By Human Hands (Instrumental). While the group work on new material featuring their revamped line-up, we connected with guitarist Christian Colabelli to learn about his day job at Eventide Inc. working as a guitar pedal product specialist.
on Apr 17, 2019
Celebrating the 1-year anniversary of I Know You, the unforgettable EP from young English multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Josh Wheatley, we have a full track-by-track breakdown of each of the album’s five songs.
on Apr 16, 2019
Not yet totally stoked on Boston Calling 2019? Maybe this will help... The 3-day festival includes 50 bands on two stages, a slew of comedians, the Boston Ballet, Imogen Heap’s Mi.Mu gloves, the best food in Boston, art, a giant Ferris wheel and plenty of additional activities.
on Apr 15, 2019
Lynyrd Skynyrd’s sophomore set, Second Helping (MCA), oozes ALL thriller and NO filler. 45 years on, it remains a timeless testament to one of rock’s most endearing bands.
on Apr 14, 2019
With 14 solid tracks, not to mention a collection of A-list guests, Rap or Go to the League shows more growth and maturity from 2 Chainz than we have ever seen. His fifth album is possibly his most cohesive project to date.
on Apr 12, 2019
Fear Falls Burning’s Function Collapse, out now on Consouling Sounds, is a challenging albeit highly rewarding listen which, in this era of instant gratification, honourably leaves us gasping for more.
on Apr 12, 2019
Accompanying the April 12th (today) release of the EP Eaton Super 10, Jackson Wargo, the creative mind behind indie shoegaze band Snowball ii, highlights the Top 10 shoegaze albums you may have missed.
on Apr 12, 2019
What is the Toronto Festival of Beer, presented by The Beer Store? It’s only one of the biggest events the summer has to offer! Here’s our preview of all this year’s festivities, including live performances from Public Enemy, Dwayne Gretzky, Ja Rule and Ashanti.
on Apr 11, 2019
1349’s fast, heavy and uncompromising “aural hellfire” approach to Norwegian Black Metal returns on a state-sponsored tribute to the work of artist Edvard Munch, Dødskamp, released by Season Of Mist.
on Apr 10, 2019
Teenage rockers Liily will be heading over to Europe in a few weeks for a bunch of shows so, ahead of the dates, we spoke to the band about their life back in LA.
on Apr 09, 2019


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