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On the 21st episode of the world's most metal cooking show, Brutally Delicious, we join the alternative rock act J.O.B. in the studio kitchen and discuss the band in detail while making some fantastic Chicken Marsala.
on Feb 02, 2013
On the 20th episode of the world's Most Metal cooking show, Brutally Delicious, host Bruce Moore is joined by the raging Canadian metal act Deterrence in their kitchen to discuss the band in detail, while making a very tasty Indomitable Poutine!
on Feb 01, 2013
On the 19th episode of the world's most metal cooking show, Brutally Delicious, we join the French hard rock act Lizzard in their kitchen and discuss the band in detail while making a sexy Chocolate Mousse.
on Jan 27, 2013
Check out this, the 18th episode of Brutally Delicious with special guests the hard rock trio, Recovery Council. Learn about the band and how to make Ma'amoul, a delicious Middle Eastern pastry. Dig it!!!
on Jan 24, 2013
For this, the 17th episode of your favourite metal cooking show, Brutally Delicious heads over to Spain to speak with the guys in blistering band Zombies and Diamonds. We chat about music and more while cooking up a tasty vegetarian paella!
on Jan 19, 2013
Join us on the 16th episode of Brutally Delicious as we welcome our special guest, Little Ozzy. Tune in and watch Little Ozzy cook up his Suicide Solutiion Bats Wings while talking about the band and his appearance on America’s Got Talent.
on Nov 30, 2012
On this, the 15th episode of Brutally Delicious, the guys from Legacy Of Disorder cook up some "On The Road Pasta" from their RV while on the road. Tune in as they cook and dish about their new record Last Man Standing and their current tour.
on Nov 21, 2012
On this, the 14th episode of Brutally Delicious, Love Stricken Demise guitarist Billy Blair and his two lovely assistants whip up a fantastic breakfast he calls "Enchiladas A.M." while chatting about the band and their newest release, Psychotrip.
on Oct 27, 2012
On this, the 13th episode of Brutally Delicious, vocalist Paul Ablaze of the epic metal band Blackguard stops by and cooks up a terrific Pan-Omelet-Cake while chatting about the band and their current tour. Want to know what a Pan-Omelet-Cake is? Tune in and find out!
on Oct 18, 2012
On this, the 12th episode of Brutally Delicious, vocalist Justin Brown of the progressive metal band A Hero A Fake stops by and cooks up a fantastic tuna dish while chatting about the band's newest release, The Future Again.
on Oct 04, 2012
On this episode of Brutally Delicious, Saint Diablo guitarist Justin Adams cooks up an intense Latin Chili while chatting about the band, their new record and their upcoming tour.
on Sep 21, 2012
Join us on this episode of Brutally Delicious with special guest Tony Tataje, vocalist for the Rise Records hardcore band American Me. Tony joins us in the kitchen and cooks up an unbelievably delicious Peruvian Red Roast while discussing the band’s latest release and their current European tour.
on Sep 13, 2012
Part two of our two-part episode with black metal band Melechesh, finds co-founder and guitarist Moloch in the kitchen. Join us as Moloch cooks Msakhan; Middle Eastern Chicken Wraps with caramelized onions and pine nuts, a traditional Palestinian dish from his home town of Jerusalem.
on Aug 26, 2012
Part one of this two-part episode features an in-depth interview with Moloch, the co-founder and guitarist of the highly influential black metal band, Melechesh.
on Aug 26, 2012
On this special edition of Brutally Delicious, the punk rock band The Swellers taste and review some of the hottest hot sauces in the world. Tune in with water, cause things get freakin' spicy!
on Aug 24, 2012
On this episode of Brutally Delicious the self-proclaimed hip-hop misfits, The Dirty Heads, stop by to cook a simple yet delicious vanilla pudding recipe served up with a healthy dose of humor.
on Aug 20, 2012
When GOD FORBID’s drummer, Corey Pierce isn’t tearing it up on drums and making fans laugh, he is satisfying his love for food! Pierce takes some time out from his hectic touring schedule to show Bruce Moore with Brutally Delicious on how to bang out his favorite recipe for Cheese-Stuffed Hamburgers. Watch Pierce cook and talk about everything from the GOD FORBID writing process for their current album, Equilibrium, to his experiences while touring world-wide. Fans can see how with a little soul and a lot of meat, greatness is made!
on Aug 18, 2012
On this episode of Brutally Delicious the Massachusetts metalcore outfit Diecast cooks up a tasty, decadent Oreo Cheesecake that is sure to satisfy. Watch as the guys cut up, drink up and create mayhem in the kitchen. Since 1997 Diecast has been dishing out their distinctive approach of aggressive and technical guitar playing combined with frenzied rhythms and throaty snarling vocals that is both commanding and jaw-dropping in its intensity.
on Aug 18, 2012
On this episode of Brutally Delicious, Canadian Goth-Shock warlords The New Jacobin Club cook up a spicy breakfast guaranteed to get your morning jump started. Western Canada’s most notorious and enduring shock rock ensemble, the New Jacobin Club is a septet of musicians frequently accompanied live by up to four performance artists (The Angry Teeth) who bring to the show an eye-popping array of disturbing visuals including stunts with broken glass, machetes, syringes, staple guns, torches, and the ever-popular flaming hula hoop. The NJC’s riffy and anthematic metal-edged gothic punk has been described as "somewhere between the realms of mid era Judas Priest and newer era Misfits".
on Aug 17, 2012
The indie/punk trio Comrades joins us on this episode of Brutally Delicious to cook up some seriously good homemade Fettuccine Alfredo and talk about their new record and their upcoming tour. Comrades’ music is honest, fresh, innovative and highly creative and has been receiving critical acclaim from critics and fans alike. They recently signed a deal with Blood & Ink records and are preparing for to release their newest full-length disc.
on Aug 17, 2012


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