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Attracting the likes of Penelope Cruz, Chris Rock, and Seth McFarlane, Michelle Danner has become one of the most renowned acting teachers. We spoke…
By on Nov 16, 2019
Featuring members of bands such as Heathen, Exhorder and Division, guitarist Justin Roth gives us a comprehensive look into War Curse’s past, present…
By on May 11, 2019
Enthroned represent Belgium’s longest-running black metal act, with over a quarter of a century of active recording and performing. Vocalist Nornagest
By on Apr 30, 2019
A Pale Horse Named Death mastermind, Sal Abruscato speaks to us about the band’s new SPV Records release, When The World Becomes Undone, depression, t…
By on Jan 24, 2019
When you're a band, staying true to your art is something that is becoming increasingly more difficult to do. Indie band Free Money plan to buck that…
By on Dec 15, 2018
Dublin duo Hudson Taylor recently released their new album Bear Creek To Dame Street via Rubyworks Records and we caught up with the brothers Hudson-…
By on Oct 09, 2018
Recently, the multi-talented artist Paul Booth sat down for an in-depth video interview with Julia Denning to talk about the recording of his new alb…
By on Sep 12, 2018
We chatted with Dylan Villain, vocalist of the Canadian rock group THE WILD!, about Toronto, Bovine Sex Club, their live show, and Entertainment One
By on Sep 01, 2018
Youth Fountain have received huge praise for crafting a fresh-sounding brand of pop-punk tinged emo, so upon signing with Pure Noise Records, we had a…
By on Aug 08, 2018
New Jersey native, Eddie Trunk, host of the AXS TV series TrunkFest, spoke with us about his new series, the future of That Metal Show, and life as a…
By on Aug 04, 2018
In this exclusive video clip, Maurizio Iacono, frontman for death metal titans Kataklysm talks about his ultimate death metal band.
By on May 10, 2018
In this exclusive video clip, Phil and Neil from Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons, discuss their upcoming new album. Check it out here...
By on Jan 05, 2018
We were recently afforded the opportunity to speak candidly with the legendary Canadian musician Matthew Good, and it was fantastic.
By on Dec 07, 2017
In this touching episode of Rock Heart, Adam Gontier and Mike Mushok of Saint Asonia, share two stories about how their music has impacted the lives…
By on Nov 27, 2017
On this episode of Tales of Touring Terror, the guys in Epica tell us a tale about a nasty slip on some rocks and having to keep pushing on despite t…
By on Nov 26, 2017
The Acacia Strain share a new Gear Gone Wild story about a super-nervous sound guy which is pretty darn funny.
By on Nov 16, 2017
On this episode of Tales Of Touring Terror, we hear from Silverstein about a shitty, muddy night and the disastrous events that followed.
By on Nov 03, 2017
For the inaugural episode of our new series, Go To Hell!, which asks bands to tackle pet peeves, annoyances, and all around douchebaggery, we connect…
By on Nov 03, 2017
On this new episode of WTF!?, Lacuna Coil vocalist Andrea Ferro tells us about an awkward moment at the Kerrang Awards involving Marilyn Manson.
By on Oct 30, 2017
California-based metal act Deafheaven speak about the potential for a live recording, their new record New Bermuda, and upcoming new material!
By on Oct 27, 2017


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