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Vomit, boobs, bongs, masks, booze, destruction - just another debaucherous day in the life for the boys in Hollywood Undead.
on Aug 15, 2008
From the straight, galloping metal attack of “Sabbat” to the nearly 12-minute brooding and brewing “Peripherals” and the progressive juxtaposition of the focus track, “Thujon,” Hollow Corp. intriguingly melds a host of metal styles together that one may not first think conceivable. But, much like fellow, like-minded countrymen Gojira, Hollow Corp. manages to pull off a sound both progressive and pummeling without feeling standoffish. All the while, the breadth of Cloister of Radiance is both epic in scope and monstrous in sound, progressively roping in a wide array of sounds and subgenres, yielding a metallic outing with three songs over the eight-minute mark and nearly as many metal genres within its grasp.
on Aug 15, 2008
The epic quest of finding one’s identity might be one of the most universal themes found in the pursuit of art. The hopeless wandering replaced by the hope-filled breakthrough has been chronicled time and again in painting, sculpture, prose, poetry, film and, certainly, music. The men who make up the rock band RED have been through those trials themselves. They’ve taken those experiences to heart, mixed them with a plethora of influences – be they observations on art they admire, or communications with fans they adore – and now burst forth with a dynamic new set of songs geared toward finding who we truly are, inside and out.
on Aug 12, 2008
Bringing to mind an amalgamation of bands like Lifetime, CIV, New Found Glory, the Movielife, and early Saves the Day, the Bay Area's Set Your Goals straddle the line between pop-punk and hardcore. They burst onto the scene with a 2005 self-titled EP on Straight on Records. Comprised of vocalists Jordan Brown and Matt Wilson, guitarist Dave Yoha, bassist Joe Saucedo, and drummer Michael Ambrose, the guys later rechristened their eponymous EP Reset for an April 2006 reissue on Eulogy that included a bonus track and enhanced video footage. They followed up three months later with their infectious debut full-length, Mutiny!, which blended rousing melodic hardcore with insightful, positive lyrics and ample pirate references.
on Aug 12, 2008
Forming in Reading in 2006 around the core of James and synthster Dan Coop (alongside Rob Bloomfield and guitarist Morgan Quaintance), they pricked ears with the incessant electro-sex insistence of ‘Let’s Make Out’ in 2007 – featuring vocals from Death From Above 1979’s Sebastian Grainger. But they followed its dancefloor devastation with a debut album, 2008’s ‘You Have Know Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into’, that was too spikey-around-the-edges to fit into any scene, too unpredictable to slot into a pre-conceived genre and too smothered with imagination for the mainstream to digest so easily. ‘We Are Rockstars’ splurged and frazzled like Daft Punk’s sadistic stepsons; ‘Battle Royale’ sounded like The Prodigy fighting an entire legion of Transformer arcade machines to the death; and ‘Epic Last Song’ was (relatively) self-explanatory. As was ‘Attack Of The 60ft Lesbian Octopus’. Obviously
on Aug 12, 2008
The Sword is an American heavy metal band from Austin, Texas.
on Aug 12, 2008
Toronto's own No Assembly Required are back with their 2008 release The Great Tribulation (royal blood records/northern storm).
on Jul 14, 2008
"Soldiers of Misfortune" — the first track from Filter's newest album Anthems for the Damned, isn't a modern day anti-war protest song, but suffice it to say, the current Middle Eastern nonsense was at the forefront of his mind when he was in writing mode.
on Jun 24, 2008
Following two years of extensive touring throughout North America, Montreal rockers ONE return with their sophomore album, Dirty Valentine. Evolving while on tour and discovering and exploring new musical avenues, Dirty Valentine is the follow-up to ONE's 2007 debut release Never Say Never. Soliciting the producing talents of Kevin Jardine (Slaves on Dope, Monarchy); ONE delivers a refreshing album that echoes their travels, determination and challenges over the years. From hard-hitting guitar riffs on the title track through to the closing acoustic ballad, I Know, the album delivers a wide array of styles and offers up something for everyone – even the hardest to please rock fans will be satisfied.
on Mar 08, 2008
"Lines From An Epitaph" Music Video
on Nov 13, 2007
Seether's music video for the song "Fake It."
on Oct 23, 2007
"Satellites" Music Video
on Oct 04, 2007
"Bangkok" Music Video
on Sep 13, 2007
"Paralyzer" is the first single from Canadian alternative rock band Finger Eleven's fifth album, Them vs. You vs. Me.
on Sep 06, 2007
"Falling On" is the second single from Finger Eleven's 2007 album, Them vs. You vs. Me, as well as being the second of the album's eleven tracks.
on Aug 23, 2007
3, also known as Three, is an American progressive rock band formed in Woodstock, New York in the early '90s.
on Aug 23, 2007
"Failure In The Flesh" Music Video
on Aug 22, 2007
Through the Eyes of the Dead is an American deathcore band from Florence, South Carolina, formed in 2003. They have released three full-length albums, one EP, and one split album with The Knife Trade.
on Aug 04, 2007
The Dead Walk is the third studio album by the American band The Acacia Strain.
on Jul 21, 2007


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