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On this episode of Tales of Touring Terror, the guys in Epica tell us a tale about a nasty slip on some rocks and having to keep pushing on despite t…
By on Nov 26, 2017
On this episode of Tales Of Touring Terror, we hear from Silverstein about a shitty, muddy night and the disastrous events that followed.
By on Nov 03, 2017
Las Vegas metal band INVIDIA talks about a night of partying and some trouble finding the way home.
By on Oct 22, 2017
While at this year's Vans Warped Tour the Napalm Records-signed group Valient Thorr told us this whacked-out tale of a mysterious cargo that is enoug…
By on Sep 09, 2017
On this year's Vans Warped Tour, we caught up with Barb Wire Dolls and they told us this little ditty about a really sticky situation. This one is en…
By on Aug 24, 2017
The guys in the Napalm Records-signed band Alestorm are well known for having a sense of humor and here's the proof....
By on Aug 15, 2017
On this episode of Tales Of Touring Terror, the guys in the UK-based rock act Savannah tell us about some of their worst transportation woes.
By on Jul 08, 2017
While in attendance at Heavy MTL we were able to score a few minutes with the guys in Red Bull Recordings Hardcore Punk act Beartooth
By on Mar 22, 2017
Irish metallers Cruachan shared an awesome Tales of Touring Terror story about a train trip involving Russian cops and actual train bandits.
By on Mar 08, 2017
Anthrax vocalist Joey Belladonna and bassist Frank Bello share a perfectly gross story about the sometimes impossible task off finding a clean, usabl…
By on Feb 10, 2017
New Tales Of Touring Terror wherein the guys in hardcore/metal band Gideon tell us about the time vocalist Daniel McWhorter passed out onstage.
By on Feb 01, 2017
This ToTT features The End Records' thrash metal band Hatchet wherein vocalist and lead guitarist Julz Ramos tells us about a frightening road rage e…
By on Dec 13, 2016
Silent Planet, released their second studio album, Everything Was Sound, via Solid State Records on on July 1, 2016 and recently vocalist Garrett Rus…
By on Jul 23, 2016
In this tale of touring terror Bobaflex vocalist, Shaun McCoy tells us about an incident where he made a decision to help someone out while performin…
By on Jun 26, 2016
What happens when you fart on a friend and things don’t go as planned? Alt rock band Eyes Eat Suns give us the dirt.... phrasing!
By on Jun 16, 2016
What happens when you're playing a small outdoor show and get attacked by 10,0000 mosquitoes? Well, in this interview Marcos Leal, vocalist for the V…
By on Jun 15, 2016
Avatar lead singer, Johannes Eckerström, shares a Tales of Touring Terror story wherein he and his bandmates got a good pranking thanks to the band E…
By on May 27, 2016
Dave Stephens, singer for Detroit's Equal Vision Records rockers, We Came As Romans, shared this touring-related story about a gnarly travelling expe…
By on May 09, 2016
Vocalist Paul Kuhr of The End Records metal band Novembers Doom shared this awesome tour story that we've titled "Dirty Laundry".
By on Apr 22, 2016
In this new episode of Tales of Touring Terror COB drummer Jaska Raatikainen helps us to understand the downfall of sharing a tour bus.
By on Apr 02, 2016


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