ALL Tales of Touring Terror

Rob "The Witch" Tremblay, singer/guitarist for our friends, the Montreal, Canada, Season of Mist Records extreme metal horde Necronomicon, shared an awesome Tales of Touring Terror segment that we've dubbed "Dead Zone."
on Mar 24, 2016
Tampa, Florida's revered Century Media metallers, Iced Earth, pummeled crowds on this year's 70000 Tons of Metal. Jon Schaffer (guitar, vocals) and Stu Block (lead vocals) also shared this gnarly story about... well... a restaurant?
on Mar 16, 2016
In between chatting with fans and performing tracks of the band's twelfth opus, Feel the Misery (out now via Peaceville Records), My Dying Bride guitarist Andrew Craighan shared with us this awesome tour story.
on Feb 22, 2016
New Tales of Touring Terror segment featuring Century Media Records' British goth-metal pioneers Paradise Lost. Vocalist Nick Holmes and bassist Steve Edmondson shared a hilarious story.
on Feb 12, 2016
Ahead of their recent mind-melting Toronto performance, Blake Richardson, drummer with the Metal Blade Records progressive metal band Between The Buried And Me, shared this crazy Tales of Touring Terror piece.
on Jan 22, 2016
Check out this story from Philip Labonte, lead singer of Razor & Tie metallers All That Remains... it's all fun and games until Mother Nature decides to fuck shit up!
on Jan 14, 2016
Bassist James Lascu and guitarist Kyle Landry, of Razor & Tie rock animals Wilson, shared with us this treacherous drive-based Tales of Touring Terror story.
on Jan 05, 2016
Supporting their new Epitaph Records full-length, Madness, we spoke with Sleeping With Sirens guitarist and vocalist Nick Martin during a recent NYC show. He shared am awesome Tales of Touring Terror story which also features Nick's cousin, Pierce the Veil's drummer, Mike Fuentes.
on Dec 16, 2015
In September post-rock outfit InAeona hit Toronto and played cuts off their Prosthetic Records debut, Force Rise the Sun. Vocalist/guitarist Bridge Laviazar shared a Tales of Touring Terror segment we've dubbed "Ghost Rider."
on Dec 11, 2015
The Butcher Babies have been zigzagging around North America, promoting their latest Century Media release, 'Take It Like A Man.' Chatting with guitarist Henry Flury and drummer Chris Warner we got a Tales of Touring Terror segment called "The White Maggot."
on Dec 03, 2015
We scored some time with Justin Hawkins, lead vocalist and guitarist of UK rock icons, The Darkness, and were treated to several videos, the first of which is this nerve-wracking Tales of Touring Terror clip.
on Nov 30, 2015
We spoke with Rick Jackett, guitarist for iconic Canadian rockers, Finger Eleven, and have 4 totally awesome videos including this Tales of Touring Terror segment!
on Nov 26, 2015
Eclipse Records-signed, Latin-infused Hardcore/Metal quartet, Saint Diablo, gave us this Tales of Touring Terror clip that further proves touring bands need to always be cautious behind the wheel!
on Nov 19, 2015
We caught up with Atreyu drummer and vocalist Brandon Saller, who gave us this Tales of Touring Terror segment that we've dubbed "Hulk Smash".
on Nov 16, 2015
Chris George, drummer for the Razor & Tie metal act, Sworn In, who continue to promote the hell out of their latest release, The Lovers/The Devil, shared with us this story about their first European tour.
on Nov 12, 2015
During the Spring 2010 "Bangover Tour" Beau Bokan and his Blessthefall mates decided to prank Miss May I... you'll have to watch the video to find out how that turned out!
on Nov 09, 2015
Our 3rd of 3 Halloween-themed Tales of Touring Terror (#ToTT) stories featuring Soulfly's legendary vocalist and guitarist Max Cavalera is now live!
on Nov 01, 2015
This is our second of 3 Tales of Touring Terror (#ToTT) featuring Soulfly's legendary vocalist and guitarist Max Cavalera. The band are currently touring in support of their extreme, groove-laden 10th studio album, Archangel (Nuclear Blast).
on Oct 31, 2015
We connected with Max Cavalera, vocalist and guitarist of legendary metal band Soulfly, who in turn gave us not 1, but 3 positively hair-raising Tales of Touring Terror perfect for kick-starting your Halloween festivities!
on Oct 31, 2015
Legendary U.S. heavy/doom metal band, Pentagram, shared a terrifying tale about the ordeal they had when recording their new Peaceville Records album, Curious Volume.
on Oct 30, 2015


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