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We caught up Joe Duplantier, lead singer and guitarist for Roadrunner Records group Gojira at Heavy MTL, for a little Q&A. Here's his not-so-scary Tales of Tour Terror (#ToTT) contribution.
on Oct 29, 2015
While at this year's Mayhem Festival we caught up with Chris George, drummer for the Razor & Tie metal act, Sworn In who continue to promote the hell out of their latest release, The Lovers/The Devil.
on Oct 28, 2015
Check out this episode of Tales of Touring Terror #ToTT with Chrigel Glanzmann, lead vocalist of the Nuclear Blast Records-signed Swiss folk metal pioneers, Eluveitie, about their first-ever show in India!
on Oct 21, 2015
At Heavy MTL 2015 we get some time with Hiran Deraniyagala, guitarist and co-founder of the Metal Blade thrashers Battlecross, who shared with us this Tales of Touring Terror (#ToTT).
on Oct 21, 2015
Episode 20 of Tales of Touring Terror (#ToTT) features Anthony Raneri, lead singer and guitarist for the New York-based, Hopeless Records punk/rock group, Bayside.
on Oct 14, 2015
Check out this Tales of Touring Terror segment with Coal Chamber drummer Mikey Cox filmed at Heavy MTL 2015. This is our second of 2 ToTT clips with Cox, and is called "Look Before You Leap"!
on Oct 14, 2015
At the Toronto stop of this year's Rockstar Mayhem Festival, we spoke with Joey Simpson, lead singer of the Victory Records metallers Kissing Candice, and got this Tales of Touring Terror (#ToTT) segment.
on Oct 07, 2015
Ever wondered how one might lose a testicle? Well, Michael Kerr, bassist and vocalist for the UK-based Warner Music alternative rock duo, Royal Blood​, will help to explain....
on Oct 07, 2015
Slipknot's Shawn Crahan (aka Clown), always a righteous dude, gave us this awesome Tales of Touring Terror story before the band annihilated their headlining performance at Heavy MTL 2015.
on Sep 30, 2015
Phillip Cope, vocalist and guitarist for the Season of Mist hard rock band Kylesa shared an awesome story for our Tales of Touring Terror (#ToTT) series!
on Sep 30, 2015
While at Heavy MTL 2015, we spoke with Exes For Eyes lead singer Big James Arsenian and got a couple rad videos including this Tales of Touring Terror (#ToTT) piece.
on Sep 23, 2015
At Heavy MTL 2015 we spoke with the recently reunited Coal Chamber. Drummer Mikey Cox shared not 1, but 2 Tales of Touring Terror... Man does this group have some die-hard fans!
on Sep 23, 2015
Soilwork's frontman, Bjorn "Speed" Strid, gave us this crazy Tales of Touring Terror (#ToTT) story from France's Hellfest that we've dubbed "Into The Pit."
on Sep 21, 2015
While at Heavy MTL, legendary Canadian metaller, Devin Townsend, shares a Tale of Touring Terror (#ToTT) that is just perfectly shitty!
on Sep 16, 2015
Lead guitarist Kellen McGregor and bassist Cory Elder of the Rise Records hard rockers Memphis May Fire where kind enough to share this new Tale of Touring Terror (#ToTT)!
on Sep 09, 2015
Got time with Dan "Soupy" Campbell, lead singer of the Hopeless Records pop punk band The Wonder Years, during Vans Warped Tour. Check out his "Venue in the Woods" segment for Tales of Touring Terror!
on Sep 02, 2015
Chad Gray, lead singer of the Eleven Seven Music heavy metal band, Hellyeah, is no stranger to travel. Tales of Touring Terror (#ToTT) episode 8 is called "Pacific Grim" and well, it's pretty gnarly!
on Aug 27, 2015
In episode 7 of Tales of Touring Terror (#ToTT), Tom Maxwell, guitarist of Eleven Seven Music heavy metal heavyweights Hellyeah, tells us about golf cart crashes, broken feet, and being stranded.
on Aug 12, 2015
Metal monsters, Killswitch Engage, hit Toronto's TD Echo Beach on Sunday, July 19th and for our Tales of Touring Terror segment, guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz told us about one damn shitty touring experience.
on Aug 07, 2015
Touring North America in support of their latest offering, we had the great fortune of filming a segment of Tales of Touring Terror (#ToTT) called "Party Pooper" with Sublime With Rome frontman Rome Ramirez.
on Aug 05, 2015


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