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One thing we guarantee The Raven Agen won't be doing when they head out on tour this week and that is getting fresh ink. We spoke to bassist Matt Cox about his experiences of getting inked on the road as well as his extensive tattoo work.
on Mar 21, 2019
We recently connected with Savage After Midnight keyboardist James “JT” Thomas for a new edition of Tattoo Talk to learn more about his ink, their connection to Memphis, Tennessee, and the new EP 11:59.
on Feb 25, 2019
We like to change it up and not always just focus on the musical side of things, so we spoke to Kings of Spade drummer Matt Kato about his awesome “body” of tattoos. The band’s new self-titled album is out now via Soundly Music.
on Nov 06, 2018
Kaleido vocalist Christina Chriss joins us for some “tattoo talk” wherein she covers her ink history, her “bad side” and the special tattoo dedicated to the memory of her late grandmother.
on Oct 26, 2018
We spoke with Paul Roche, guitarist for country rap group Cypress Spring, to learn a little more about his tattoos and the band’s new album American White Trash.
on Oct 18, 2018
Ready for another edition of Tattoo Talk? Today, we feature a recent conversation with Crispin Earl, the tatted-up frontman of Vancouver hard rock band The Veer Union.
on Oct 02, 2018
Hudson County, NJ alt/folk rockers, Ferentz and The Felons will issue their debut Hudson County EP on July 13th, so we caught up with front man Zak Ferentz to talk tattoos and debut the “Note to Self” single.
on Jun 29, 2018
Irish band Stormzone offer up some classic metal on their latest record Lucifer’s Factory. We spoke with lead singer John “Harv” Harbinson about his storied tattoo history!
on Jun 28, 2018
Southern Californian band Taken serve up a hearty helping of hardcore with their With Regard To EP via Other People Records. We hit up their vocalist Ray Harkins to “reflect” on his ink!
on Jun 13, 2018
We connected with Swedish, dreamy electronic solo artist David Alexander, aka Summer Heart, to talk about his tattoo action!
on May 22, 2018
Bassist Maddox Messer and guitarist Donnie Deville of the Dallas, Texas-based rock quintet, MESSER gave us the dirt on a whole wack load of their ink!
on Apr 10, 2018
Coolzey is celebrating his third full-length release, And the God Damned Friend Killers, out via Public School Records, and took some time to talk tattoos.
on Mar 16, 2018
Hardcore bruisers Crowned Kings will issue their new album Sea Of Misery on March 23rd via Demons Run Amok Entertainment and vocalist Makka was a prime candidate for some tattoo talk.
on Mar 13, 2018
Claremont, California's hard rock group In Urgency released their new ten-track recording, Painting Parallels on May 23, 2017, and recently hit us up to talk tattoos!
on May 27, 2017
With all the hype surrounding the forthcoming album by Lancaster, PA-based hard rock fivesome, Dead Eyes, we caught up with bassist Eric Rembecki for a chat about tattoos!
on Dec 16, 2016
Eric Perfect, drummer for Philadelphia, PA's rock trio Workhorse III, is also an ink master with his own shop, so, naturally we flipped him our "Tattoo Talk" interview!
on Nov 24, 2016
In the latest of our series, we talk to Andrew Schwab, frontman with Orange County hard rockers Project 86 about his ink, painful tattoos and Guy Fawkes.
on Oct 31, 2016
We flipped our Tattoo Talk segment to Rickey Medlock, Blackfoot founder and current Lynyrd Skynyrd lead guitarist, and learned about some of his incredible Native American-themed ink!
on Aug 17, 2016
We caught up via email with Akron, Ohio-based Razor & Tie rockers Red Sun Rising to talk tattoos! Check what Mike Protich (vocals, guitar) and Dave McGarry (guitar) had to say about some of their fave ink.
on Aug 03, 2016
Guitarist and vocalist Richie Brown (ex-Trivium), of Orlando tech-death masters MINDSCAR, took time out of his busy schedule to discuss with us his many awesome tattoos.
on Jun 06, 2016


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