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Ubisoft were at Heavy T.O. This year to show off this rad new video game entitled "Rocksmith." It's similar to Rockband and Guitar Hero where you play the guitar parts to a song, but instead of a 5 button controller you play a REAL guitar. Check out the video below where the guys from Endast and Dead And Divine play the game and talk about how awesome the concept is.
on Aug 29, 2011
Music Video Friday: This week I have religiously been listening to the album Lechuza by Fenix TX. They're the Slayer of the pop-rock world as they're more aggressive then the average band in the genre. Check out this music video for "Threesome" which has everything a music video needs: house party, friends, girls making out and a great song. You know you want to watch this video since it is called "Threesome" and I do know at least 70% of you readers want that to happen. I know what you readers like.
on Aug 26, 2011
Louis and Nick Matos, dubbed The Great Valley, have been surrounded by music their entire lives. After years of writing music together, the band released their debut EP Wrecking Ball on April 20th, 2010 which put the brothers on the map. Their new record Ruthless dropped on March 1st, 2011 and debuted at 125 on iTunes top 200 Alternative Charts. Enjoy this exclusive, live acoustic video of their hit song, "Me, Myself & Time".
on Aug 25, 2011
I just got back from watching the Robot Chicken episode "Anne Marie's Pride (aka Donkey Punch)" (Season 2, Episode 19). Anyways I found this hilarious skit with Mr T and the Foo Fighters. Check it out below and watch as the combo cleans the streets up of foo's.
on Aug 25, 2011
Most people have heard of Animals As Leaders, the crazy guitar project from Tosin Abasi. If not then I shall have to club you with a baseball bat or something, so please make your life 100% better and get to know AAL now! ANYWAYS, behold the bass version, Evan Brewer who recently released his first solo album Alone on Sumerian Records. This guy is insane with the 4 string as he slaps, taps and does everything in between to make the craziest bass playing I think the world has ever heard.
on Aug 23, 2011
Louis and Nick Matos, dubbed The Great Valley, have been surrounded by music their entire lives. After years of writing music together, the band released their debut EP Wrecking Ball on April 20th, 2010 which put the brothers on the map. Their new record Ruthless dropped on March 1st, 2011 and debuted at 125 on iTunes top 200 Alternative Charts. Enjoy this exclusive, live acoustic video of their hit song, "Dirty Work".
on Aug 19, 2011
Music Video Friday: So tonight I will be meeting up with the beautiful Alissa White-Gluz for a nice chat and to see her band The Agonist rock Oshawa. Check out their music video for the song “… And Their Eulogies Sang Me To Sleep” off their 2009 album Lullabies For The Dormant Mind. It's a killer song that offers some great close up footage of the group. Check it out below and tell everyone about it, or to make it easier just click that 'Like' button (under the article title) so that all your Facebook friends can see it. DO IT!!!
on Aug 12, 2011
Alright it's time to make fun of one of the biggest names in the rock music industry, Linkin Park. This guy has decided to create his own version of an LP song that describes the formula they use to create a hit. From what I learned all one needs are electronics, rapping skills, singing/shouting skills and to be pissed off about something. I like how he pokes fun at the fact nobody knows the name of the turntablist (Joe Hahn). Check out the video below if you want to learn how you can make your own hit songs.
on Aug 11, 2011
Black Tide come out of the gate with all guns blazing. Their second Interscope Records release, Post Mortem, is a loaded salvo of fret-burning, hyper-charged riffs. The Florida quartet churns out fist-pumping, fast-paced metallic anthems with no remorse. Their sound channels the forefathers of heavy metal, but with a dose of 21st century attitude. Cuts like "That Fire" and "Walking Dead Man" pack enough explosive energy to ignite any crowd.
on Aug 11, 2011
Notice how bands these days seem to just rewrite the same song over and over again? One band guilty of this is DragonForce. Ever since they released the song "Through The Fire And Flames" on Guitar Hero everyone has been talking about these crazy power metallers from England. Now imagine a 2 disc greatest hits album of JUST DraonForce; which would be 2 hours of crazy power metal that all sounds the same. Check out the commercial for the "greatest hits album" to see how "GREAT" it is.
on Aug 11, 2011
BEASTIE BOYS!!! Remember the music video for "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)" when the boys crash the party and go wild? Yeah if you don't remember it watch the first video below. Now that you are up to date on your 1986 party anthems, in 2011 the Beastie Boys return with a new song entitled "Make Some Noise" which they made into a 30 minute film with Seth Rogen, Danny McBride and Elijah Wood portraying Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock.
on Aug 09, 2011
Music Video Friday: Devin Townsend is a wacky guy who's actually a genious. Anyways back in 2006 he released his seventh solo album Synchestra which has some killer songs. The release's first single was "Vampira" and soon thereafter the band dropped a really cheap and bad-ass music video made. Watch as Devin Townsend rocks out in a graveyard comic dressed in a tight devil costume. This video should make you laugh your ass off!
on Aug 05, 2011
I was in Illinoise this weekend for a killer festival, but I'm not here to present you a video of the show I was at. The reason I brought this up is because I was staying at my buddy Jame's place (guitarist of Shield Of Wings) and because we were a bunch of Canadians staying at his place, and he saw I had a Strapping Young Lad shirt on, he asked me a question "How do you get a bunch of Canadians to get out of the pool?" I replied "Get out of the pool". This was the masterful joke from the one and only Devin Townsend.
on Aug 04, 2011
Not long ago Dr. Acula keyboardist Joey Simpson left the band which you can read about HERE. Anyways I have always wondered where the band got the name Dr. Acula from. As I watched Scrubs a stumbled upon this episode which uses the name. Anyways check it out to see where the band possibly got the name from and then after go read a review I did for the 2011 album 'Slander'.
on Jul 29, 2011
I was chatting with a guy on the bus one day about Mother Mother and their new album Eureka. One aspect of the album I told him to closely listen to was the new backup vocalist/keyboardist Jasmin Parkin.
on Jul 27, 2011
Hey all you metal heads! Tired from all your rocking out this weekend at Heavy MTL/TO? I know I am, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Check out this awesome commercial KISS did on a past episode of Family Guy where they announced some "special" shows. Check it out and ROCK N ROLL!
on Jul 26, 2011
I love everything about Metal and hard rock: the energy, passion, heaviness and the crazy fans. This weekend marks the third edition of Heavy MTL and the very first Heavy TO. Check out this awesome commercial that was shot for the festivals. And if you're there, make sure you check out Opeth, DevilDriver, Megadeth and many more awesome bands!
on Jul 23, 2011
Music Video Friday: This weekend Heavy MTL and Heavy TO are happening in Canada so to celebrate these amazing festivals I want to present a music video every metal head should check out. *Drum roll* I present to you progressive metal band Opeth and their music video for "Porcelain Heart". Opeth will be performing at both festivals kicking ass with their new keyboardist Joakim Svalberg. Make sure you don't miss this festival and if you are not in Canada… BUY A PLANE TICKET!
on Jul 22, 2011
So I'm pretty excited 'casue today I'll be seeing Ligeia live. I haven't seen these guys since '06, so I'm pretty stoked seeing as they're one of my favorite metalcore bands. Anyways, check out this cheap-ass promo video the band took for their last album Bad News. These guys sure are ready to party. You'll know what I mean when you see the "I've Been Drinking'" Music Video HERE.
on Jul 20, 2011
Every year Ottawa has a music festival that brings lures a vast amount of talented musicians to Canada's capital city. This year bands such as Protest The Hero, Tegan And Sara, Rise Against, Soundgarden and many more rocked the stages… a little to hard? Watch below as the stage crumbles during the Cheap Trick set stopping the festival dead in its tracks. After check out some photos HERE of some great performers at 2011's Bluesfest.
on Jul 19, 2011


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