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The second installment of Partycat's tour diary is now up! Pants-less dances, cats who party, and killer shows out East is documented in this second video diary. "This tour has been really amazing thus far. Been great seeing old East Coast fans and making new fans. Can't wait to make it out west and get to play for a group of all new fans." comments Steve Sap. The tour, sponsored by Exclaim! Magazine, continues and finds the guys starting their West Coast run next week w/ Dusty Tucker.
on Nov 15, 2013
Partycat started their East Coast tour last week, sponsored by Exclaim! Magazine, with friends and support act Sleepshaker. We're stoked to have partnered up with the band to post episodes of their video tour diary. The first episode shows the group on the way to their first East Coast show in Fredericton NB, chugging beers, hot sauce, and drinking water for animals?!?! Watch now!
on Nov 12, 2013
Blue Rodeo is on the verge of releasing their new album 'In Our Nature' (October 29th) and we're happy to share this teaser of their new video for the songs "New Morning Sun" and "Mattawa". When award winning director Chris Mills was asked to film a video for the first single from Blue Rodeo's new album he was given the task to come up with something unique that incorporated two of the albums songs, "New Morning Sun" and "Mattawa." Instead, what he delivered was an extraordinary film that incorporated most of the music from 'In Our Nature'. "After spending close time with the band, shooting and rehearsing all these great songs," says Mills, "The idea developed to try to make a video that encapsulated the feel for the ALBUM rather than just the songs. I shared this with the team, and was encouraged to 'run with it.'"
on Oct 26, 2013
Hard rock band Monster Truck recently shot a mini documentary filmed with director Matthew LaFontaine this year while on tour with hard rock legends Alice in Chains. The band's debut full-length Furiosity was released this past Summer to rave reviews and the band took home the "Breakthrough Group of the Year" at the 2013 Juno Awards. Aside from Alice in Chains, the band also played shows this summer with Kid Rock, ZZ Top and Sevendust.
on Oct 10, 2013
There's this Schecter guitar competition that was created to help promote the new A7X album along with Schecter guitars. Henry found it his duty to set the curve. Nailed it!
on Sep 12, 2013
Mass produced pop music is one of the reasons people are being driven in droves to the music refugee camps of the metal/hardcore scene. One of the growing districts where you'll find people seeking asylum from the Top 40 charts is led by Maybe Whitney, a two man operation from Detroit. Their sound is your favorite parts of metal/hardcore with a side of electronic elements that will convince the girl next to you to twerk... if she knows how. Keep an ear out for more from these guys. Debut full-length coming out Fall 2013 with guests ranging from Slipknot and Chunk! No Captain Chunk! to D12. Get some!
on Jul 18, 2013
We previously show you his cover of System of a Down's "Toxicity", but check out 5 year old drummer Jonah Rocks tearing up Guns N' Roses' "Sweet Child o' Mine". This kid is just awesome! I don't know about most of you, but clearly at 5 I was reeking havoc, chasing my older brothers and being 5, not a drum genious. Look how into it he is... start feeling like crap now!
on Jul 14, 2013
The Henry Maneuver, one of our crafty writers' studio name, is at it again this time taking the song "I Love It (I Don't Care)" by the Swedish DJ Duo Icona Pop and putting a two-step worthy groove to it. This remix also features former guitarist of In Dying Arms Justin Enriquez and YouTube boss J.T. "Cavenasty" Cavey. You will more than love it, and if you don't, I DON'T CARE!
on Jul 11, 2013
Not only is he 5, cute as a button, and amazingly good, but he also has freaking great taste in music! You know you're parenting skills are grand when your child can play real drums, not electronic, REAL! regardless of genre... try not to like this one.
on Jul 05, 2013
One of our contributors, Henry, who also enjoys writing music as "The Henry Maneuver," recently reviewed Sleeping With Sirens' album Feel. Having an insatiable thirst for more Sleeping With Sirens, he made pretend that he was in the band and did a guitar driven remix of the single "Low." It's a little bit more shreddy with a side of Kellin Quinn wannabee, recommended with a glass of aged whine.
on Jul 03, 2013
A wonderful video boasting a resounding theme of perseverance, check out the exclusive Drowning Pool video compiled with footage from the band's recent acoustic record release show/party held in Dallas, TX. The band's new album Resilience is out now and can be purchased right here.
on Apr 25, 2013
For lovers of heavy metal Viking rock opera homoerotic medieval animated musical cinema, there is finally a cartoon for you. Its name Majestic Loincloth. The brainchild of Charred Walls of the Damned, drummer and comedian Richard Christy, Majestic Loincloth has been over 10 years in the making. Featuring music from Richard Christy and fellow Charred Walls of the Damned member Jason Suecof and animation by Dicko Mather and Chris Prynoski from Titmouse Animation (Animators of Metalocalypse), Majestic Loincloth is 10 episodes of idiotic heavy metal hilarity. In the premier episode Manly Metal Warrior Gunnar Steedhorn must help his studly son Oliver defeat Orloff the Gravedigger, the evilest evil guy in the history of all evilness! New episodes will appear every other Thursday on the Rugburn Channel on Youtube.
on Apr 14, 2013
Alice In Chains will be releasing their new album The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here next month on May 27th and they've just unveiled a hilarious spoof documentary "AIC 23" which tells the story of Alan Poole McLard, a film studies Professor at a community college, who is trying to make a documentary film about Alice In Chains to coincide with the release of their new album. The video includes not only the band members, but also cameos from the likes of Lars and Robert from Metallica, Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart, Mike McCready from Pearl Jam, Kim Thayil from Soundgarden and Duff McKagan from Velvet Revolver.
on Apr 11, 2013
Everyone loves the sweet sounds of the guitar, you, mom, grandma, husband, wife, mistress, hell, even the dog. This golden retriever really knows how to be cool and shows some rhythm in how he bobs his head and smiles along to his owner playing the guitar. Whenever the guitar stops, the little guy gets this look on his face like "hey, why the hell did you stop playing? I'm enjoying myself here." Let's just hope it was his owner and not him downing that bottle of Bud Light sitting at the front of the table.
on Mar 17, 2013
The Walter E. Smithe brothers–known across Chicago for their witty and memorable television commercials and extensive inventory of well-made, stylish and functional furniture and home accents–are at it again... this time inviting Billy Corgan and his Resistance Pro Wrestling company to join in their commercial hijinks. Corgan may be best known as the Smashing Pumpkins’ singer/songwriter, but he’s not okay with smashing just anything. In the commercial, Corgan humorously saves a bar chair by beloved Chicago furniture retailer Walter E. Smithe from a royal crushing.
on Feb 24, 2013
Lion Splicer is two ugly and hairy young brothers from New York. Lion Splicer bust out high-octane jams that seamlessly merge the styles of 70's punk, prog, and speeding heavy metal. Last August, New York rockers Lion Splicer commenced recording Holiday in Dystopia. Filmmaker Matthew Infante hung out and captured some footage of the process behind the making of this completely self-funded and self-produced album. Go behind the scenes with the boys and learn about drum tracking, listening to Juicy J, and a little bit of what it takes to make an album entirely on your own!
on Jan 15, 2013
In this exclusive world premiere, we're pleased to bring you a unique video from Chicago-based Latino hardcore band La Armada. The session was recorded, mixed, and edited by Robert Lowndes and features the band performing live at Rock City Studios in Camarillo, CA on November 20th, 2012. The group run through three songs including: "Ninguna idea (No Idea)", "Obsolence" and "Cuando la Dignidad se Mendiga (When Dignity has to be begged for)" and as you can see, tear it up in just one take! Said the band of the recording: "We wanted to have a way to showcase digitally how we sound live and also wanted to have 2 new songs for people to be able to listen to without going into a studio to record, so this was the best way to kill all those birds with one stone."
on Jan 11, 2013
In this hilarious video clip, Troy Sanders of the explosive metal band Mastodon stars as a cocky rock star whose (non-Orange) amps have all broken just before a show. Orange sends its best "man" to save the day by delivering the Micro Terror to Troy just before he takes the stage. Stay tuned for new Mastodon music later this year.
on Jan 10, 2013
In this exclusive world premiere we bring you not only a song stream, but also a short, cinematic masterpiece. The video is in fact a short film by Emir Togrul (the creative force behind Yayla) and features the track "Integumental Grasp" from the upcoming Yayla album Nihaihayat. The video, which boasts a "short" title, is called "Integumental Grasp Through The Sigil Of Hate; Immortalizing The Nine Disguises Of Evil In Senility," and is all of the album's song titles strung together. The creative genius and emotional power behind Yayla is more than apparent in both this video and song; get ready for the album release!
on Jan 08, 2013
Veteran hard rock acts Smile Empty Soul and Hurt have released their joint cover of the classic Alice in Chains track "No Excuses" with an accompanying video clip.
on Dec 20, 2012


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