Age Of Daze - "Afflicted" [Music Video]

- Dec 17, 2008 at 08:41PM
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Hollywood Ending, is made up of eight skillfully-crafted, unadulterated rock songs, ranging the gamut from passionate ballad to kickass guitar anthem. And yes, the results are in... 10 out of 10 blind listening sessions have concluded ...there's no @!* way this band is staying indie... In fact, they don't sound indie at all!! For those of you who haven't heard the band (and have no fear, you will soon), AOD is 100% rock - pure and simple. Kinda like orange juice - with all the pulp but none of the acid!

With 3 pounding guitars, 1 killer bass and a drum kit that gets the shit kicked out if it every time it's played, this band has a sound that draws you in, rocks your soul, then locks you into an addiction you'll never get rid of...not that you'd want to! The success of Afflicted , the band's first single to be released on traditional radio in Canada and on Sirius satellite radio in the US, has been nothing short of mind-blowing when you consider the band hasn't put anything out there but the song...meaning no gigantic publicity machine, no dipping into limitless pools of corporate marketing cash, no grueling cross-country tour ... All hail to the Internet ­ the true litmus test of what's hot and what's not...and AFFLICTED is definitely smokin' according to AOD's MySpace fans!
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