"All In Favour" of a New Music Video from INFRARED? Yes, We Thought So...

- Jun 29, 2018 at 09:58AM
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Ottawa thrash metallers Infrared have a new music video for "All In Favour," as well as a new EP titled Saviours. The album features eight new songs and it's defined by its thrashy, aggressive, melodic and heavy sound, clearly evident in this new music video.

Vocalist and guitarist Armin Kamal commented, "Saviours has been in the works for about two years now and is something we are very proud of. Saviours has fulfilled a goal of ours to create some brand new music the way we know how, with an old school 80s thrash feel along with a contemporary sound that encompasses our influences beyond the '80s."

"While not explicitly a concept album, the album is heavily themed on the idea of false Saviours who claim to do good for others but are really self serving in their intentions. We like to inspire independent thought and a cautious view of the intentions of those who promote themselves as leaders. This message has been captured with 8 brand new songs that highlight the diversity in which this band makes music. While all songs stay true to our roots, they each offer a piece of what Infrared has to offer our fans. From fast and thrashy to melodic and dramatic, Saviours delivers a punch from start to finish."

Saviours Track Listing:

01. Project Karma (6:48)
02. The Demagogue (6:52)
03. Saviour (6:04)
04. The Fallen (6:33)
05. All In Favour (5:51)
06. They Kill For Gods (7:41)
07. Father of Lies (5:55)
08. Genocide Convention (5:33)

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