ALPHA WOLF Absolutely Punish You with the"Black Mamba" Music Video

- Jun 14, 2018 at 08:04PM
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After taking a hiatus to regroup and reflect, Melbourne's Alpha Wolf have returned to the stage and have celebrated their return with a new music video for "Black Mamba." The band recently announced the addition of Lochie Keogh of Earthender as their new vocalist and Mitchell Fogarty of Iconoclast is now their new drummer.

The single, as explained by guitarist/founding member Sabian Lynch, focuses heavily on the weight we all feel, of being betrayed and not knowing who to trust in times of need. "It’s so hard to trust anyone these days, you always find yourself with one eye over your shoulder, continuously on the look out for snakes amongst the grass. While I'm sure there will be assumptions made, the lyrics for this song started a long time ago, and are not directed at any one person in particular; the song is directed at humanity itself."

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