ANIQA DEAR Release Visual Album for 'Neither Here Nor There' EP

- Mar 05, 2017 at 01:15PM
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Toronto electronic art-pop band Aniqa Dear have partnered up with Sondre House Productions to release their latest EP Neither Here Nor There as a visual album, which is a long-form music video that tells a story through a musical album, sound design, and cinematography. It's a trending format of music videos right now, and you'll see why once you watch it.

The visual album uses imaginative visuals to represent the anxiety driving and inhibiting millions of young adults around the world, while the narrative of the multicultural soundtrack echoes the values of diversity and acceptance in the multicultural city of Toronto. The story follows Layla, a 20-year-old girl who ultimately overcomes the fears and insecurities weighing her down.

The talented group draw their musical inspiration from South Asian culture, and create a unique phonetic experience using a fusion of North American and South Asian sounds.

Neither Here Nor There Track Listing:

01. Wake Up
02. Neither Here Nor There
03. New Love
04. Hiding
05. Mouseman
06. She

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