"Blaspheme With Me" and the New Music Video from HER DESPAIR

- Jun 13, 2018 at 07:15PM
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British goth metal band Her Despair have a new EP called Mournography and have now released a music video for "Blaspheme With Me." After forming in 2015 as a solo project, Mournography is the band's first set of new songs as a full-fledged band. The band commented "For us, 'Blaspheme With Me' represents the very essence of Her Despair. It combines gothic rock with flashes of punk and metal, and glides between our two predominant lyrical themes: the erotic and the theologic. Mourning has broken."

Commenting on the album, the band said, "Mournography is an exploration into the mysteries of tragedy, blasphemy, death, and love; both literally and figuratively. The mourning of some, the lust of others. These songs praise and pervert the Word of God simultaneously: providing a deeply unsettling spiritual experience set to a bleak backdrop of melancholia."

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