BUNGLER Shows How Buffalo Gets Down with "Double Glare" Music Video

- Jan 24, 2017 at 04:24PM
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Buffalo, New York hardcore band Bungler have premiered their new music video for "Double Glare," a song from their new album The Nature of Being New. The album is a twelve song example of Bungler doing their own thing musically and not really giving a damn about what anyone else thinks. The band has never been constricted by genres and endeavour to make music that is true to their own vision.

Carrying on with its road warrior tradition, the band is intent on touring anywhere and everywhere they are allowed to play, showing the rest of the country (and world) that Buffalo knows how to rock out. Bungler will embark on a U.S tour with Great American Ghost and Until We Are Ghosts in February.

The Nature of Being New Track Listing:

01. Finders/ Keepers; Leavers/ Takers
02. Ex Wheels
03. Double Glare
04. Rotting Fruit (Is For The Birds)
05. Drowning In Oil
06. Dead Breath
07. Smooth Hysteria
08. Marrow
09. In God We Trustfund
10. Closet Confident
11. Opia
12. Feed Him Gravel

Tour Dates:

02/18 - Providence, RI @ Fete Music Hall
02/19 - Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage Lounge
02/21 - Baltimore, MD @ Sidebard Tavern
02/22 - Lemoyne, PA @ The Champ
02/23 - Woodbridge, VA @ Fearcliff Skate Park
02/24 - Ringgold, GA @ Cloud Springs Deli
02/25 - Brandon, FL @ The Noise Box
02/26 - Margrate, FL @ Inkwell Pub
02/28 - Orlando, FL @ The Blackbooth
03/03 - Buffalo, NY @ Studio Waiting Room
03/06 - St. Louis, MO @ Lemp Brewery
03/07 - Chicago, IL @ The Beat Kitchen
03/09 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Diesel
03/10 - Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Loft (The Chance)
03/11 - Manchester, NH @ Bungalow

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