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Californian Rockers BENVENUE Return with Their New Single and Video “Days To Years” [Exclusive Premiere]

- Jan 24, 2019 at 05:00PM
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The independent, Berkeley, CA-based rock quartet known as Benvenue are fresh off the success of their previous single “Wake Up Now”, the lyric video for which, published on September 21, 2018, is fast approaching 40k views. Fast-forward a few months and the boys are back with another dose of their heavy yet melodic alt-rock with the video for new track, “Days To Years”!

They comment on the single, stating, “One thing we’ve realized is there is absolutely no substitution for lost time, especially in going through difficult experiences. As we get older, days to years seem to come a lot more quickly but also become way more meaningful. We seem to embrace life’s beauty whether good or bad as a learning experience.”

They continue, noting “The inspiration for writing ‘Days to Years’ stemmed from Déjà Vu. The challenge is sometimes living in the moment and embracing it. When you finally realize the lesson was a moment with yourself or a specific person, it always seems to be years later. In that realization, you truly become free. The reason why we chose this song to be a single is simple, we truly feel it’s completely relatable to any person. The listener should sink oneself into the beginning guitar swells and embrace the songs journey.”

“Wake Up Now” and watch the band’s previous lyric video STAT!

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